gili islands earthquake 2018
A series of earthquakes rocked the islands of Lombok and Bali in Indonesia in the Summer of 2018. So the islands were open, but what about the oceans! The trio of Gili Islands in the foreground, with the larger island of Lombok behind them. Indonesian Islands Were Shaken in Quake. About 20,000 people have lost their homes and many moved to unaffected areas of the Indonesian island of Lombok after a powerful 6.9 magnitude earthquake left nearly 100 people dead. A friend is trying to get in touch with her daughter and her boyfrien with now luck. Fast Boats to the Gili Islands – Earthquake Lombok. 5. People waiting to be evacuated on a beach on the Indonesian island of Gili … She dosent know the name of … Indonesia Earthquake Survivor: There Is ‘No House Anymore’ A magnitude 7.0 earthquake on the island of Lombok killed at least 98 people and displaced around 20,000 others. On July 29 Lombok was hit by a 6.4 magnitude quake close to the surface, killing 16 people. transcript. But now three companies have already resumed their usual service between The Gili Islands, Lombok and Bali. Answer 41 of 67: How are the conditions on the island right now? Many fast-boats companies from Bali did suspend their services to The Gili Islands in the immediate after-mass of the quake. Tourists’ Confidence Was, Too. The initial earthquake was followed by over 132 aftershocks, and many residents remain unwilling to return to their homes for fear of another tremor. Below is what we know so far about the earthquake.

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