seemann lyrics meaning

"Seemann" is a song by German band Rammstein, released as the second single from their album Herzeleid. The video shows Christoph Schneider , Oliver Riedel , Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe pulling a boat through the sand, with Till Lindemann and Flake , who's wearing a plague doctor mask, inside. The phrase "Reise, Reise" is used by seamen as a wake-up call and finds its roots in the Middle High German verb "risen", which meant "to rise" (to which it is obviously related as well). Seemann, Wind und Wellen Rufen dich hinaus. Rammstein - Seemann (English Translation) Lyrics: Come into my boat / A storm is coming / And it will be night / Where do you want to go? Straight translation: ¹ Der Herbstwind fegt die Strasse leer: The autumn wind sweeps the street empty. According to the "Making of Seemann" video, the band was to be "tugging away love", and that, no matter how hard they tried to move, they wouldn't. Translation of 'Seemann' by Rammstein from German to English. Till described it as a song about despair. Til’s lyrics also seem to describe that being a sailor is a lonely lifestyle – perhaps in the way they are out at sea for long periods, or that their loved ones will be alone if anything were to happen to them. / So totally alone / You drift away / Who holds your hand? Duncan Gill Apr 7, 2019 at 2:34 pm It’s a very thought provoking song that shows off a little bit of culture. General Comment For me, it's about offering someone help, to be there for him/her in a time of need. According to Laszlo Kadar, the ship itself was to represent a life "all washed up". SEEMANN, DEINE HEIMAT IST DAS MEER (Sailor, Your Home Is The Sea) (Composed by Werner Scharfenberger, Fini Busch / English words Norman Newell) Lolita (Ditta Zuza Einzinger) (Austria) Anne Shelton Petula Clark Seemann, lass das Traeumen, Denk' nicht an zu Haus.

The helper beckons him/her into his/her own boat, which might be a safer boat or merely for the fact that he/she can't deal with the upcoming storm (problems in life etc) alone.

Its translation is "Seaman" or "Sailor". Its translation is "Seaman" or "Sailor". This verb has since died out in New High German, though the noun was retained and came to mean "journey" or "voyage".

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