surkh chandni review

Every sequence is equally fascinating and indispensable from the technical aspect. It is the love story of Aida and Amaan but tranquility does not come easy at all.

Osman Khalid Butt as Amaan has been convincing too. The director didn’t really commercialize it & kept it very realistic, which was nice. At times these things are always given a typical approach but Surkh Chandni is turning out to be different which is actually nice. The acting of Sohai Ali Abro in this episode was top-notch. Surkh Chandni Episode 11 & 12 tell us the bitter realities of life: how evil works its ways against the good. What I liked the most about the first two episodes of Surkh Chandni was that the director kind of set the tone of the story & gave it a gloomy feel because it sure is going to be such a drama which will show us the pain & agony of an acid attack victim.

These two episodes have changed the dynamics of the whole season. I hope as the drama progresses, they continue with the pace because it is definitely making this drama a great watch & is keeping everything quite gripping! Related: Surkh Chandni is a harsh and painful reality of our society!

I really hope they show some positivity in Aida’s life from now on where she comes out of this phase & does something good for herself.

In the 11th episode, Mukhtar (Hassan Ahmed) somehow gets to know about his wife’s intentions.

Surkh Chandni Episode 11 & 12 – Review. Moreover, a few new subplots are being introduced which will eventually make the play more crispy and interesting.

Surkh Chandni is the depiction of the brutal society we live in, a society that does not let anyone live in harmony. The episode deals with the social and emotional circumstances of an acid attack victim post the traumatic incident. Surkh Chandni did have its slow & stagnant moments, it did have a lot of never ending scenes which could’ve been chopped down, it did have a lot of flashbacks as well but still, the overall journey was enticing & always had something new to offer in every other episode. One of the best things so far about Surkh Chandni has to be the pace as well because they make sure to cover one chapter of Aida’s life in each set of episodes. I dreaded that it might take Aida 10+ episodes to expose Jawad but she took my by surprise & I hope I keep getting surprised like this in the future episodes too. Surkh Chandni episode 3 elucidates further developments leaving us intrigued. Closing Thoughts – Great Acting:

Surkh Chandni Episode 6 encompasses plenty of mind-blowing developments which have mushroomed the charm of the play. Surkh Chandni episode 4 makes you go through the entire journey of an acid attack victim by predominantly focusing on the influence of the tragedy on the family. Overall, this episode of Surkh Chandni was done brilliantly but was very very depressing.

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