gwent factions syndicate

Introducing cross-faction cards Syndicate is the newest faction added to Gwent and follows the criminal underground of Novigrad where money rules the streets. The Syndicate (SY) Faction in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

The wait is over — mysterious Syndicate is joining GWENT as the newest playable faction!

Last year this leaded to the worst meta gwent ever had, the famous DJ meta, i suggest to make some search so you can understand how problematic this faction … This lore is actually pretty close to the mechanics and archetypes newly introduced to the game.

More than 90 unique cards.

Collect over 90 new cards representing various sides of Novigrad’s underworld, including 15 cross-faction cards that can be used in the decks of already existing factions, 3 cards per each. Other factions can't do this at all and this is very unbalanced - (MY personal opinion) SY it's a problematic factions since the beginning. Join the Syndicate, a brand new faction of scoundrels, freebooters and cutthroats. For them, the gold always justifies the means!

NEW FACTION IS COMING TO GWENT. Explore sinister new archetypes, devious combos and deadly playstyles only Novigrad’s criminal underbelly has to offer.

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