travis scott nike air

nike travis scott utility hoodie Travis Scott is staying busy in self-quarantine by premiering a new Nike collaboration on his Instagram: a backwards Swoosh-equipped take on the Air … A mixture of both Air Max and React technologies, Scott’s teased spin on the silhouette works a rippled upper in creamy-white with a mix of black and grey panels around the toe and lacing. However, only a couple of days ago, according to leaks on Instagram, the Travis Scott Air Max 270 React will finally be releasing on May 1 st.. We all know the reason behind it – The Coronavirus. Initially set to release on the 4 th of April, the Air Max 270 got delayed till 10 th April. Travis Scott Nike Air Max 270 React Release Date: 5/1/2020 Retail Price: $170. air max 270 cactus trails (td) nike travis scott pocket tee. Travis Scott continues his dominance at the top of the collaborative footwear space with yet another Nike collab. Following the launch of Travis Scott’s Air Jordan collaborations, the Houston rapper will be releasing his own spin on the Nike Air Max 270 React. The Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 270 React “Cactus Trails” is reportedly now releasing on May 29, according to sneaker leak account @py_rates on Instagram. With a host of Air Force 1 and Jordan models already firmly set in his arsenal, Travis Scott sets his sights on a fresher model: the Nike Air Max 270 React. Anticipation is growing for the next installment in Travis Scott’s Nike collaboration, and fans are gearing up to buy them.. From the 'Fire Red' Air Jordan V to Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 270 React ENG, here is a detailed guide to this week's best sneaker releases.

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