rammstein song meanings

“Ausländer” is featured on Rammstein’s untitled 2019 album. Rammstein Lyrics, Songs, Albums And More at SongMeanings! This song was issued as the third single from the album on 28 May 2019. It is this double meaning that makes the song so clever and is a feature of many Rammstein songs as german (by the way I am German) lends itself to these double meanings. Ramstein is the name of the village [of Ramstein] surrounding the base.

So are we. The theme of the song fits perfectly into the video. The original version of Rammstein’s “Du Hast” is entirely in German. "Du hast"or "Du hasst" sounds the same but can be used to mean "You have" and "You hate". Interested in the deeper meanings of Rammstein songs? General Commentjust a question my german is a bit rough but doesnt it say "ihr wollt doch auch den Dolch ins Laken stecken, ihr wollt doch auch das Blut vom Degen lecken" which i thought translated to "you want to stick the dagger in the sheet as well, you want to also lick the blood from the sword" talking about a sword in the second line not a dagger but i may be wrong.. However, due to the success it has experienced abroad, it also has an official English version.But the English version is not a literal translation of the original. That being said, the official English version and the literal translation by and large have the exact same meanings. That album came out on 17 May 2019. And to the guy who called this song stupid, you ought to piss off and keep your comments to yourself, this song is a dedication to the dozens of people killed in a violent airshow crash back in the mid-80s, don't be so insensitive. Rammstein song meanings and interpretations with user discussion. General CommentJust to correct some of the above. Because some of Rammstein’s members find themselves intimately-attracted to the natives. The video fits well, but adds to it, as any good video should. song lyrics, song meanings, albums, music and more. And why? In real life and Rammstein songs, nothing goes so smoothly. Rosenrot (English) song meanings Add your thoughts 8 Comments.

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