strong feeling synonym

‘That bad feeling was getting stronger and I was beginning to be angry.’ ‘It's there, this feeling, so strong it suffocates me with every breath I take.’ ‘He seemed shocked for a second but that emotion was soon taken over by the much stronger feeling of pain.’ ‘So strong was this feeling I went out and bought two dresses that day.’ Synonyms for strong, including phrases that contain strong: powerful, muscular, brawny, well built, powerfully built. ... 8 ‘he still retained strong feelings …
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When your significant other says 'I love you' and you don't feel the same way but want to say something nice to escape having to say it say 'I have strong feelings for you' ... Synonyms of strong in English: strong. Intense Emotions and Strong Feelings: A Language Everyone Should Understand, by Mary C. Lamia, Ph.D. See more. Another word for understanding: perception, knowledge, grasp, sense, know-how | Collins English Thesaurus Synonyms for strong dislike include hate, loathing, abomination, aversion, detestation, dislike, hatred, abhorrence, animosity and antipathy. Passion definition, any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.

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