layover flight meaning

You then board the next plane and fly to Los Angeles.

Define layover. While non-stop flights go straight from Point A to Point B, when your flight stops somewhere else en route to your final destination, it’s called a layover. layover synonyms, layover pronunciation, layover translation, English dictionary definition of layover. What is a Layover? A layover is a stop between flights, also called a connection.

Hi, I'm Scott, founder of Scott's Cheap Flights. For example, if you bought a flight from New York City to Los Angeles and it had a layover in Houston, you will have to get off the plane in Houston and transfer to a new plane at the airport there.

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n. A short stop or break in a journey, usually imposed by scheduling requirements, as of airline flights.

Layovers, therefore, add time to your journey, but if your layovers are long enough, you can use that time to leave the airport and explore a brand new city. layover definition: 1. a short stay in a place that you make while you are on a longer journey to somewhere else: 2. a….

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