miraculously in a sentence

Miraculously, there were some survivors with little more than scratches. miraculously Sentence Examples The elements are miraculously recreated as body and blood. 1. So astounding as to suggest a miracle; phenomenal: a miraculous recovery; a miraculous escape. Example sentences for: response--miraculously How can you use “response--miraculously” in a sentence? He had been miraculously saved from almost certain death. And even if he should miraculously escape the forcefield, the wolf pack of ships waiting just outside it would certainly get him.
Try our free vocabulary size test! She still believed that somehow she could be miraculously cured. Questions about example sentences with, and the definition and usage of "Miraculously" Meanings of words and phrases; Other types of questions; The meaning of "Miraculously" in various phrases and sentences Meanings of words and phrases What does miraculously mean? 17 definitions. Example sentences for: miraculously How can you use “miraculously” in a sentence? Preternatural suggests the possession of supernormal qualities: Dogs have a … ‘In return, she received a perfect imprint of Christ's features, which miraculously stained the cloth.’ ‘I, whose life He hath miraculously preserved at sundry times from a multitude of perils and dangers, count myself the deepliest bound to give my humblest thanks.’ How to use resuscitate in a sentence. The miraculously list of example sentences with miraculously. Define miraculously. miraculously in a sentence - 15. it means that whatever situation or matter can occur or has happened by a higher power, which can be God. adj.
2. We looked in vain expecting the area to miraculously improve but alas, no such luck. Lists. miraculously in a sentence - Use "miraculously" in a sentence 1. synonyms. miraculously / examples. Resuscitate definition is - to revive from apparent death or from unconsciousness; also : revitalize. Search. View more answers. Miraculously, the knight appears in a boat pulled by a swan and accepts her offer on condition that she never ask about his origin, name or nature. 4. From Cambridge English Corpus Miraculously by the end of the lesson every child got a poster from the printer except one and this was only because he had taken too long thinking about it. Search for example sentences.

Miraculously - definition of miraculously by The Free Dictionary. antonyms. it means that whatever situation or matter can occur or has happened by a higher power, which can be God. How many words do you know? Miraculous refers to something that apparently contravenes known laws governing the universe: a miraculous success. 3.

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