lucky me meaning

How to use lucky in a sentence. What does lucky for you expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Lucky definition: You say that someone is lucky when they have something that is very desirable or when... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Lucky, lucky, lucky me! Lucky definition is - having good luck. Login to reply the answers Post; Roberto. lucky ˈyou, ˈme, etc. 2. 1 decade ago. lucky definition: 1. having good things happen to you by chance: 2. bringing good luck: 3. having good things….

lucky for you phrase. I'm a lucky son of a gun. Source(s): (spoken) used to show that you think somebody is lucky to have something, be able to do something, etc: ‘I’m off to Paris.’ ‘Lucky you!’

It means that someone is very lucky and they say lucky me. Lucky, lucky, lucky me!

lucky you/me etc From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English lucky you/me etc lucky you/me etc spoken LUCKY used to say that someone is fortunate to be able to do something ‘My husband’s a rich man, and devoted to me.’ ‘Lucky you.’ → lucky Examples from the Corpus lucky you/me etc • You don't know how lucky you are in that respect . est 1. I work eight hours, and sleep eight hours. 5 years ago. Could be used sarcastically if they are having a bad day. Having or attended by good luck. I smile at the sun and when daylight is done Ev'ry evening is … 0 0 0. Lucky Me Meaning.

RE: Learn more. 0 2 0. That leaves eight hours for fun. See Synonyms at fortunate. Even though I haven't a dime, I laugh and play in a carefree way And I have a wonderful time. Definition of lucky for you in the Idioms Dictionary. This Site Might Help You. Login to reply the answers Post; John H. Lv 5. Synonym Discussion of lucky.

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