speedy gonzales cousin
Actualy he is Speedy Gonzales's cousin. Asked in Celebrities What is the nickname for Heidi ? Male Mexican mice are jealous of Speedy Gonzales for taking their girl-friends. *Slowpoke Rodríguez is a fictional animated cartoon mouse and the cousin of Speedy Gonzales. In addition to the star characters Speedy Gonzales and Sylvester, this film allows the development of a secondary character, Speedy's cousin Slowpoke Rodriguez. His name is "Slowpoke Rodriguez" from Guadeloupe. Both are part of the very popular Looney Tunes’ series of characters. Written by Kevin McCorry

"Mexican Boarders" is an excellent Warner Bros. cartoon directed by Friz Freleng. Tom Holland and Frank Welker provided his voice in just two episodes of Speedy Gonzales. So, they set Sylvester Cat after Speedy by issuing a challenge to Sylvester in Speedy's name.

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