cubesat launch initiative selections

On March 2, 2018, NASA announced the ninth round of selections for the CubeSat Launch Initiative (CSLI). The first two AMSAT GOLF CubeSats, GOLF-TEE and GOLF-1, were among the 21 missions recommended for selection.

NASA has offered a launch opportunities to 95% of those selected, with 44 scheduled for launch within the next 12 months. Final CubeSat mission selections will be announced in February of this year. Deployment:CSUNSat1 was deployed into low earth orbit 0n Wednesday, May 17 at 2115 PDT . A MakerSat will be launched into a sun-synchronous 550km high polar orbit aboard the inaugural flight of Virgin Galactic’s LauncherOne rocket. Two hours later members of the team gathered together at the ground station to hear our first signals!

CSUNSat1 was also selected by the NASA Cubesat Launch Initiative (CSLI) for a no-cost launch and became part of the ELaNA XVII mission on OA-7. After launch, the satellites will conduct technology demonstrations, educational research or science missions. LSP supports the CubeSat Launch Initiative (CSLI) by providing innovators at non-profits and educational institutions an accessible way to participate … A second ground launch, which is facilitated by NNU’s selection for the CubeSat Launch Initiative, is tentatively scheduled for December 2017. The selected spacecraft are eligible for flight after final negotiations when an opportunity arises. AMSAT must negotiate and execute a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with NASA for each project to finalize selection.

The CubeSat Launch Initiative Celebrates its 100th CubeSat Mission Deployment. The Solution. The selections are from the fourth round of the CubeSat Launch Initiative. On March 2, 2018, NASA announced the ninth round of selections for the CubeSat Launch Initiative (CSLI).

Not all high schools have that amount of cash to pay for this endeavor! AMSAT reports that two of its “GOLF” (Greater Orbit, Larger Footprint) series CubeSats are among 21 missions recommended for NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative . The costs for a typical CubeSat launch and completed 1U CubeSat satellite are $99K and $100K, respectively.

The selections are part of the fifth round of the agency's CubeSat Launch Initiative. This is where The CubeSat Development Education Initiative comes into the picture.

CubeSat Launch Initiative (CSLI) CSLI provides NASA Centers, educational & non-profit organizations opportunities to fly small satellite payloads on upcoming launches. GOLF-TEE (Technology Evaluation Environment) and GOLF-1, were among the 21 missions recommended for selection. NASA will announce its selections by February 16, 2018, and selection does not guarantee a launch opportunity. The first two AMSAT GOLF CubeSats, GOLF-TEE and GOLF-1, were among the 21 missions recommended for selection. The satellites are expected to conduct technology demonstrations, educational or science research missions. The selected CubeSats represent participants from 38 states and 85 unique organizations across the country. Also, high schools surrounding Aerospace Industry regions . The selected CubeSats will be eligible for flight after final negotiations and an opportunity for flight becomes available. The selected spacecraft are eligible for placement on a launch manifest after final negotiations, depending on the availability of a flight opportunity. The selections are from the second round of the CubeSat Launch Initiative.

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