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Saturn is the least dense planet in the solar system. The moons of Saturn vary not only in size but also in composition and shape.

Skip to content. Saturn's Moons: Facts About the Ringed Planet's Satellites. Skip to content. Pictures. … Saturn - Saturn - Moons: Saturn possesses more than 60 known moons, data for which are summarized in the table.

Saturn rotates so fast (6,200 miles per hour) that the planet bulges at its equator and its poles are flat. Planet.

Saturn’s aurorae are caused by particles that originate in its moons, ejected by the magnetic field’s fast rotation rate. What Color is Saturn. Saturn is also the father of Jupiter, the king of the Roman gods. # 2.

2. 1 day on Saturn lasts for about 10 hours & 15 minutes, compared to Earths 24 hours. Some of the most interesting facts about Saturn’s moons point to the possibility of extra terrestrial life. Saturn’s environment is not conducive to life as we know it. Saturn currently has 53 confirmed moons and an additional nine … Fun Facts For Kids. The comparitive sizes of some of Saturn's biggest moons are shown. It is also the only moon in the solar system that has a dense atmosphere. Scientists are still studying what are known as “non-solar-originating” aurorae. Above you can hear sound of Saturn recorded by NASA Cassini spacecraft. Many of the moons are very small: 33 are less than 10 km (6 mi) in diameter and thirteen moons are less than 50 km (31 mi). Saturn has 53 confirmed moons and another 9 provisional moons (for a possible total of 62 moons). Kids Encyclopedia Facts. Names, traditional numbers, and orbital and physical characteristics are listed individually. How Many Moons Does Saturn Have. Saturn is the second largest planet in our Solar System after Jupiter Saturn is 74,898 miles (120,537 km.) How Many Moons Does Saturn Have. The largest among them is called Titan and is the second largest moon in our solar system, larger even than the smallest planet, Mercury.

The density of Saturn is around 0.687 grams per cubic centimeter. There are 62 moons orbiting Saturn. Shares. 4. Saturn’s moon Titan is bigger than the planet Mercury. Many of the moons are named after Titans, giants, or minor Greek or Roman gods. Fun Facts For Kids. How Many Moons Does Saturn Have? Saturn Has More than 150 Moons and Moonlets. The moons of Saturn are numerous and diverse, ranging from tiny moonlets only tens of meters across to enormous Titan, which is larger than the planet Mercury. Saturn is most famous for its rings and was for a long time considered to be the edge of the solar system, that was until Sir William Herschel discovered Uranus. Approximately 750 Earths could fit inside of Saturn. Saturn has 62 known moons, fifty-three have been named. Fact 10: Saturn is the fifth brightest object in the solar system, and is easily seen with binoculars or a small telescope. By Nola Taylor Redd 30 June 2016. Pictures. Rings of Saturn. 1.

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