molniya orbit animation

I believe the Russians still use these orbits. A quick animation of a what it would look like being on a satellite in a Molniya Orbit, which is a highly elliptical orbit the Soviets used for communications satellites rather than geocentric, due to the high latitude of most of the Soviet Union.

The exact height of a satellite in a Tundra orbit varies between missions, but a typical orbit will have a perigee of approximately 25,000 kilometres (16,000 mi) and an apogee of 39,700 kilometres (24,700 mi), for a semi-major axis of 46,000 kilometres (29,000 mi). Old Russian communications satellite non-operational, may have some type of spin or tumble, at ~ 25,000 km as it orbits in its oblong shaped Molniya orbit. Molniya Orbits and Sun-synchronous orbit – Types of Orbits (3/3) Umair Hussaini | Published November 28, 2017 | Updated January 15, 2020 Before starting, familiarize yourself with the …

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