cartosat multispectral data

Image fusion is the process of combining High spatial resolution panchromatic data with Low spatial resolution multispectral data to get High spatial and spectral resolution fused output. In such cases the methodology developed using multispectral data cannot be used directly due to limited spectral information, in particular in near-infrared bands. Cartosat-1 or IRS-P5 is a stereoscopic Earth observation satellite in a sun-synchronous orbit, and the first one of the Cartosat series of satellites. The Cartosat-2 series satellite is the primary satellite carried by PSLV-C34. The result of the study indicated high spatial resolution stereo im-ages helped generation of three dimensional mountainous regions more accurately which helps in estimating the bio resources using multispectral LISS III data. Cartosat-2F is the fourth in the series to host a Multispectral imaging system in addition to the Panchromatic imager. Cartosat - 1 data distribution Various sources of Cartosat-1data world-wide are as follows : 1. generation using Cartosat stereo pair data. Image: ISRO. SPOT 1 launched February 22, 1986 with 10 panchromatic and 20 meter multispectral picture resolution capability. The objective is to collect high-resolution, large-scale imagery for use in urban planning, infrastructure development, utilities planning, and traffic management. Six of the eight nano satellites – CUTE 1.7, SEEDS, CAN-X2, AAUSAT-II, COMPASS-1 and DELPHI-C3 – were collectively named as NLS-4. Cartosat-2E is an Earth observation satellite developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), and is the seventh in the Cartosat series. It is designed to collect high-resolution, large-scale imagery for use in urban planning, infrastructure development, utilities planning, and traffic management. Using high resolution panchromatic images from Cartosat-1 (2.5 m) and IRS-1D (5.8 m), and a 10 m gridded DTM extracted from Cartosat-1, we …
For improving the spatial resolution with improved spectral resolution several fusion methods are being used based on the requirements from the user. Payload Specifications Data Handling system The data rate requirement for 2.5 m resolution system is about 336 Mbps for a 10 bit quantization. CartoSat-2 is a direct follow-on satellite to CartoSat-1 (IRS-P5) of ISRO, Bangalore, India. In this paper we present a new methodology that addresses some of these issues. Cartosat-2C is the first in the series to inaugurate a Multispectral imaging system in addition to the Panchromatic imager.

The PSLV-C47 will also carry 13 commercial nanosatellites from the United States as part of a commercial arrangement with the recently formed New Space India Limited (NSIL), Department of Space. Spacecraft Launch Mission Status Sensor Complement References. After its injection into a 505 km polar Sun Synchronous Orbit by PSLV-C34, the satellite was brought to operational configuration following which it will begin providing regular remote sensing services using Panchromatic and Multi-spectral cameras. The distance between image acquisitions points divided by the height of the sensor is termed as B/H ratio. project using Cartosat-1 stereo data using digital Photogrammetric methods and ResourceSat LISS IV multispectral data. Cartosat-2 Series Satellite is the primary satellite carried by PSLV-C40. Multispectral remote sensing data can be in different resolutions and formats and often has different bands. Downlink occurs after JPEG compression and encryption of the data at a 105Mbit/s rate.

Indian users and users from neighbouring countries covered by Indian ground station, can procure Cartosat-1 data products from NDC. CartoSat-3 Launched: 2019 Organisation: ISRO - India Launched 27 Nov 2019 Suitable for cadastral and infrastructure mapping and analysis 1 m, with an event monitoring capability) from a highly agile spacecraft. This NCC product is being used as image base for thematic map generation at 1:10,000 scale, linking of legacy data and overlay of cadastral maps. Cartosat-3 is an Indian very high resolution panchromatic, multispectral and hyperspectral earth observation mission.. Cartosat 3 is designed as a follow-on to the Cartosat 2 series.. This remote sensing satellite is similar in configuration to earlier satellites in the series and is intended to augment data services to the users. CartoSat-2E. specified interval of 126 days.Cartosat-1’s roll tilt capability can be used to increase this viewing frequency, which varies with latitude. Image fusion techniques integrate complimentary information from multiple image sensor data such that the new images are more suitable for the purpose of human visual perception and computer based processing tasks for extraction of detail information.

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