cosmic microwave background temperature
"It's temperature is now at only 3 K above absolute zero" 3 K "Cosmic Background Radiation." Its temperature is extremely uniform all over the sky.


However, tiny temperature variations or fluctuations (at the part per million level) can offer great insight into the origin, evolution, and content of … Anisotropy Probe data to obtain a cosmic microwave background (CMB) temperature of 2.7260 ± 0.0013.
"… the radiation is redshifted from the visible by a factor on the order of 1000 into the microwave region, with a characteristic temperature of 3 K" 3 K: Talcott, Richard. The cosmic microwave background is the afterglow radiation left over from the hot Big Bang. Cosmic microwave background (CMB), electromagnetic radiation filling the universe that is a residual effect of the big bang 13.8 billion years ago. New York: McGraw Hill, 1973. The Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) data present an opportunity to recalibrate the Far-InfraRed Absolute Spectrophotometer (FIRAS) experiment and produce an independent check of the other measurements of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) temperature.In Sections 2 and 3, the WMAP data will be presented and combined with the FIRAS … McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology. Measurements of the temperature of the CMB are reviewed. The determination from the measurements from the literature is CMB temperature of 2.72548 ±0.00057 K. Key words: cosmic microwave background – cosmology: observations 1. The existence of the cosmic microwave background radiation is a fundamental prediction of hot Big Bang cosmology, and its temperature should increase with increasing redshift. The cosmic microwave background (CMB) is thought to be leftover radiation from the Big Bang, or the time when the universe began. Because the expanding universe has cooled since this primordial explosion, the background radiation is in the microwave …

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