assam earthquake 1950
It was the 6th biggest earthquake of the 20th century. The largest instrumentally recorded Himalaya earthquake occurred on 15th August 1950 in Assam, eastern India. Accordingly, it was named the Assam earthquake. August und hatte einen Moment Größenordnung von 8,6. THE ASSAM EARTHQUAKE OF 1950 F. KINGDON-WARD In january 1950 my wife and I left the Tocklai Tea Research Station in Upper Assam by road, on a journey up the Lohit valley. It was the 6th biggest earthquake of the 20th century. The great 1950 Assam earthquake caused widespread devastation throughout the frontal regions of Northeast Himalaya. It is also the biggest earthquake on record that was not caused by an oceanic subduction.Instead, it was caused by two continental plates converging (crashing together). It is also the biggest earthquake on record that was not caused by an oceanic subduction. 70 Question in Parliament of India by Shri Kamath regarding Assam earthquake, 1950, 15/87-Public, Home Affairs Proceedings, NAI, New Delhi. Upper Assam most affected by 1950 earthquake Ajit Patowary GUWAHATI, April 30 – The earthquake on August 15, 1950, had caused extensive damage to the Upper Assam areas and Arunachal Pradesh, besides the Tibet region of China. The Asssam-Tibet earthquake, also called the Assam earthquake, happened on 15 August 1950. The earthquake had a magnitude of 8.6. Instead, it was caused by two continental plates converging (crashing together). After visiting the earthquake affected areas of Assam, Jawaharlal Nehru, the Prime Minister of India, gave a speech to the Nation through All India Radio on 9 th September 1950. Though this earthquake is known as the Assam Earthquake, its epicenter was located in the territory adjacent to the Mishmi Hills of Arunachal Pradesh of India, in higher reaches of the Lohit river near Rima, Tibet. For the last two years Tocklai had been our base for plant hunting expeditions south of the Brahmaputra, including Manipur and the Mishmi hills. Das Assam-Erdbeben 1950, auch bekannt als das Erdbeben Assam, trat am 15.

It was the 6th biggest earthquake of the 20th century. Das Epizentrum lag in der Lage war Mishmi Hills, in der chinesischen als Qilinggong Mountains bekannt (祁灵公山), südlich des Kangri Garpo und östlich des Himalaya im Nordosten Frontier Agency Teil von Assam, Indien. This M8.6 right-lateral, strike-slip, earthquake was widely felt over a broad area of central Asia, causing extensive damage to villages in the epicentral region. The epicentre was located RIma and the earthquake itself was destructive in both Assam and Tibet. Descriptive Account of 1950 Assam Earthquake - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. This was known to be the 10th largest earthquake in the 20th century. According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), that quake was more damaging in Assam than that of the 1897, in terms of property loss. Alterations of relief were brought about by many rock falls in the Mishmi Hills and destruction of forest areas. The Assam earthquake of August 15, 1950, magnitude 8.6, was centered at Rima in China, but it was the Brahmaputra valley in Assam that the most extensive damage was experienced. On August 15, 1950, a massive earthquake of 8.6 magnitude hit Assam.Also called as Tibet earthquake or Medog earthquake, it was followed by thousands of aftershocks, most of which were of magnitude 6.0 or greater. Descriptive account of Assam 1950 earthquake published in newspaper and internet The earthquake had a magnitude of 8.6. The Asssam-Tibet earthquake, also called the Assam earthquake, happened on 15 August 1950. Although the M = w 8.7, 1950 Assam earthquake endures as the largest continental earthquake ever recorded, its exact source and mechanism remain contentious.In this paper, we jointly analyze the spatial distributions of reappraised aftershocks and landslides, and provide new field evidence for its hitherto unknown surface rupture extent along the Mishmi and Abor Hills. It is also the biggest earthquake on record that was not caused by an oceanic subduction . It killed 1,526 people. Two thousand homes, temples and mosques were destroyed there and over 1,500 people killed. This great earthquake, destructive in Assam and Tibet, has a calculated magnitude of 8.6 and Strasbourg regards it as the most important since the introduction of seismological observing stations. It killed 1,526 people. The text of the speech is attached. The 1950 Assam - Tibet earthquake also known as the Assam Earthquake occurred at 2:09pm on the 15th of August.

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