ventus and roxas

Why do Ventus and Roxas have to look exactly the same? I'd vote vor Roxas.
Roxas and Ventus been watching the Parent Trap it seems xD Please support the artist: ☀️Sora☀️ it explains everything. Ventus might have more techniques but Roxas has a lot of Resistances that should protect him from the vast majority of what Ventus can deal to him and he can ignore conventional durability with Nil. r/ChurchofXion. Ventus is like Sora's and Roxas' power source; Roxas, being Sora's Nobody, gets his power from Sora, who gets his power from Ventus. The fact that Kairi and Sora went through the whole death fakeout moment was enough of a reason to say "This is why Roxas looks so different." View entire discussion ( 2 comments) More posts from the …
Our theory, meaning a friend and I is that Roxas took Ventus' image or body, don't know which...that in turn made Vanitas take a image similar to Sora. ventus is roxas before his soul became part of sora's heart basically. It worked for Namine. ever played birth by sleep?

2 minutes ago.

sora & roxas; Roxas & Sora & Vanitas & Ventus & Xion (Kingdom Hearts) Roxas & Sora & Xion (Kingdom Hearts) Sora & Vanitas & Ventus (Kingdom Hearts) Sora (Kingdom Hearts) Roxas (Kingdom Hearts) Ventus (Kingdom Hearts) Vanitas (Kingdom Hearts) Xion (Kingdom Hearts) Crack; Pranks; Fluff; Sandwiches; Picnics; Vanitas (Kingdom Hearts) is a Troll; Another Vanitas story; pranks … Ventus came before Roxas and Sora. I know the in universe reason but looking back on it they could have easily made a reason for them to look different.

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