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Fluid ounce definition is - a U.S. unit of liquid capacity equal to 1/16 pint. use "fluid" in a sentence Such widespread burns cause the body to swell and to retain fluid. Recent Examples on the Web That leaves us with an average of 1897.5 mL of sweat per player per game: the equivalent of half a gallon, or about 64 fluid ounces. An example of fluid is the cuttlefish's What is a sentence using the word fluid? Wiki User 2009-01-27 20:27:43 Water is a fluid present in large quantities inside our bodies. Mike didn't know what type of fluid was leaking from his car, but he was sure it was trouble. Experiments conducted in the late 1960s led to a new concept of membrane structure, as detailed in the fluid mosaic model proposed in 1972. How do you use the word fluid in a sentence? www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "fluid" Robbie injured his knee, and a bunch of fluid collected around the injury causing it to swell upGet lots of rest, and drink plenty of fluids, and you should be feeling much better within a couple of days. The examination also showed that fluid had built up where the mass was.

Asked in Example Sentences (adjective) An example of fluid is a ballet dancer with flowing movements, called fluid movements. To provide a quick connector for fluid connecting first and second members for fluid, such as hoses. fluid definition: The definition of fluid is a person, thing or situation that moves or changes easily.

The definition of fluid, as used in chemistry, chemical engineering, and physics, plus examples.

The heterogeneous nature of natural membranes is described by the fluid mosaic model, where the proteins are randomly dispersed in a two-dimensional lipid bilayer matrix.

例文帳に追加 導管、ホース等の第1の流体用部材と第2の流体用部材とを接続する流体用のクイックコネクタを提供する。 - 特許庁

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