uplink and downlink formula

like this if i have a downlink frequency of 4031MHZ and if i add 2048MHZ(2GHZ) then it makes 6079 MHZ.

The actual frequencies (uplink and downlink) used inside the frequency range are determined by the ARFCN. That means for every band that a phone supports, it actually uses two frequency ranges. The Upwards satellite link. 1. 1.Calculation of Uplink path loss. 4 years ago Permalink.

GSM 450. 36.101: 5.7.3 Carrier frequency and EARFCN. Rain fade refers primarily to the absorption of a microwave radio frequency (RF) signal by atmospheric rain, snow, or ice, and losses which are especially prevalent at frequencies above 11 GHz.It also refers to the degradation of a signal caused by the electromagnetic interference of the leading edge of a storm front. There are two types of link budget calculations since there are two links namely, uplink and downlink.

2. GSM ARFCN is the short form of … plz someone guide me that i calculated the uplink … uplink and downlink delay, as a function of its traffic load, interference levels and flow-level dynamics, relying only on its instantaneous observations, and uses this estimated value to update its UL/DL switching point. Satellite uplink BUC transmit power.

Satellite uplink - receive G/T into the satellite. DS1 has a constant downlink going to Earth sending little bits of information.

After considering 25% of overhead of SRS, PUCCH, PRACH etc. For 10 MHz using the same formula the maximum data rate in downlink is 50.4 Mbps and for 20 MHz it is 100.8 Mbps. The frequency ranges and channel arrangements, as well as the formulas that describe the actual frequency of the ARFCN, are detailed in the 3GPP TS 45.005 Version 5.9.0 Release 5 (with the exception of the T-GSM810 band) and the tables below. like this if i have a downlink frequency of 4031MHZ and if i add 2048MHZ(2GHZ) then it makes 6079 MHZ. Following equation or formula is used for GSM ARFCN calculator in order to convert ARFCN to frequency.

The 300 Mbps number is for downlink and not valid for uplink. Required HPA Power= W. Uplink C/N= dB. If there is only a downlink happening, the communication is called one-way. uplink eirp= dB. Calculate the difference between the uplink level and downlink level with formula 3: Uplink receive level - Downlink receive level = Cabinet-top power – MS power Cell A: Cabinet-top power – MS power = 41 – 33 = 8 Cell B: Cabinet-top power – MS power = 43 – 33 = 10 Obviously, the uplink gain in cell A is abnormal (4 dB–5 dB beyond the normal range). The relation between EARFCN and the carrier frequency in MHz for the downlink is given by the following equation, where FDL_low and NOffs-DL are given in Table 5.7.3-1 and NDL is the downlink EARFCN. II (U.S. PCS) 80 i think in C-band if the uplinking frequency is 6GHZ then the downloading frequency is 4 GHZ that is 2 GHZ difference. we get 75Mbps in uplink. LTE EARFCN to Frequency Conversion. LTE EARFCN stands for E-UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number. Downlink and uplink transmissions are organized into radio frames with 10 ms duration. Its mathematical equation can be written as Let us compare Uplink vs Downlink and derive difference between Uplink and Downlink. Up link frequency Up link frequency is frequency at which Ground Station is communicating with Satellite.

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