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229. u/paulhammond5155. save hide report. Posted in r/MastenSpace by u/anthonycolangelo • 6 points and 0 comments The 15-foot-tall reusable rockets are called Xodiac and XaeroB. Masten Space Systems Introduces Xodiac And XaeroB Sikorsky May Deliver Combat Rescue Helicopter Ahead Of Schedule Florida Pilot Julie Wang Completes Record-Setting Solo Circumnavigation
Masten Space Systems released a video of test flights of their two latest vehicles. youtu.be/-zKy4q... 30 comments. Copy URL. T+8: Masten’s Xodiac and XaeroB, Blue Origin’s Next Flight of New Shepard. Download. Add to queue. http://masten.aero/2016/06/xodiac-xaerob/ Cool video showcasing Masten's two new vehicles, XaeroB and Xodiac. Introducing the next generation of reusable rockets - Masten's Xodiac and XaeroB. Xodiac and XaeroB join their siblings Xaero, Xoie and Xombie in the Masten family. Archived. Show notes. Published June 15, 2016 | 13 min. Masten’s rockets are suborbital, meaning they can reach space, but can’t get high enough to reach orbit. Posted in r/MastenSpace by u/ethan829 • 17 points and 0 comments share. 3 years ago. Close. Introducing Xodiac and XaeroB | Masten Space Systems Xeus | Masten Space Systems Lunar CATALYST | NASA NASA SBIR & STTR Program Homepage Blue Origin joins NASA’s suborbital research flight program - SpaceNews.com Jeff Bezos on Twitter: “Trying for 4th flight of same hardware this Friday. Posted by. Introducing the next generation of reusable rockets - Masten's Xodiac and XaeroB. Both Xodiac (open frame) and XaeroB (aeroshell) share the core architecture that has powered Masten’s rockets to date – LOX/IPA; pressure fed, …

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