mission statement for tech company

Your core. Here's how to write one, along with some mission statement examples. The mission statement announces to the world why your company exists.

The Mission Statement of GameStop: GameStop refers to its mission statement as a vision statement. Whether your’re the CEO of your own company or a business leader, the art of writing a purposeful mission statement is a valuable skill. General Motors overtook Ford as #1 automotive company in the world because once Ford’s goal was reached, they never updated it.
However, when considering the purpose of a company or corporate mission statement, the wording of the GameStop vision statement lacks both a mission and a vision, except in its reference to the gaming industry. Inspiration Chronicles 30 Inspiring Billion-Dollar Startup Company Mission Statements Does your mission statement define why your company exists?

I hope this is useful for others exploring this subject. Your strategy. Most mission statements fall between two and four sentences and are not more than 100 words.
A mission statement can be a powerful tool to help ensure your company remains consistently excellent and focused. It is your “why” — it’s why you exist. Remember, once you reach your vision , it needs to be changed. Mission Statement Gehry Technologies (“GT”) is a building industry technology company providing integrated, digitally driven construction tools and methodologies to companies and their projects. Your vision.

Ultimately, your mission statement should be just the right length to get your point across, and it should be designed to be an internal document that tells how you inspire your team to achieve your company … GT brings fifteen years experience applying advanced digital technologies to complex building projects undertaken by Gehry Partners and other leading architecture and engineering companies.

I was so curious about mission statements I collated 51 mission statement examples from the world’s most successful companies.

Remember, always keep your vision statement up-to-date to direct your company’s actions.

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