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An astromech droid, sometimes shortened to just an astromech and also referred to as an astro droid, was a type of droid that served as an automated mechanic, performing a variety of repair duties and often serving as an adjunct or substitute for a nav computer on smaller starships. ==Add Image Overveiw== Astrotech is a long standing and powerful corporation based off of coruscant. Astromech droids are a series of versatile utility robots generally used for the maintenance and repair of starships and related technology.

Meet the Astromech droids. Welcome to, the Official Website of the R2 Builders Club.

By AJ and the DFB Team 34 Comments.

Join us today to learn how to build your own! If you’re assimilating into the world of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and its village, Black Spire Outpost, you’re going to need a mechanical sidekick. Astrotech if the father corporation of Xartec Cybernetics, Harmony Medical,The Corellian mining Corp., Trident Robotics, and Aegis Armaments. Tweet Badeep Brrrrrp.

Tim Veekhoven Co-Founder, Belgian Star Wars Fanclub. Welcome to, the Official Website of the R2 Builders Club.

Droid Depot. Like the Force, Astromechs are Everywhere in Star Wars We know Artoo and Chopper, but it turns out there are more than two astro droids in the galaxy. We are an international community who build their own replica robots from the Star Wars universe. And there’s a Droid Depot for that!

T he mechanical all-rounders from the classic trilogy are ready to increase the power! Astromech droids could also use the mainframes of larger ships to their advantage. We are an international community who build their own replica robots from the Star Wars universe. The R2 unit is a popular example of an astromech droid. These small droids are often equipped with a variety of tool-tipped appendages that are stowed in recessed compartments. Build Your Own Astromech Droid in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Pick Up a TON of Droid Merch! Additonally Atrotech recently became one of the major shareholders of Mon Calamari Shipbuilders.

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