capturing special dividends

Special Dividend: A special dividend is a non-recurring distribution of company assets, usually in the form of cash, to shareholders. Start Capturing Dividends Now DD Premium costs $5 for the first month, and $ 15/month thereafter, and those prices include all DD Premium features, including access to DD's Traditional Dividend Capture Strategy Resources, Advanced Dividend Capture Strategy Resources, and Special Dividend Capture Resources. Some stocks recover from the price dip faster than others, which means that over a short period of time, an investor can benefit from the dividend payment with no net change in the stock price by implementing the Dividend Capture Strategy. Neither is one with a lower payout ratio. Trying to capture a dividend from a company that has a yield of, say, 3% isn’t going to be worth it. A stock’s price will dip when a dividend payment is made. Investors might be tempted to trade around, or “capture,” special dividends to take advantage of the high yields.

Capturing Larger Dividends Using Special and Annual Payouts. However, the stock exchanges set complicated dividend dates in order to prevent traders from trying to take advantage of the dividend system. A special dividend is larger compared to normal dividends … Basically what this means is that the exact dates at which you need to buy and sell a dividend stock in order to “capture” the special dividend can be complicated and different than the ex-dividend date stated in a company’s press release. There is no minimum subscription. Obviously, the dividend capture strategy becomes much more effective if you go after larger dividend payouts and ratios.

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