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Before getting started with playing around with Jekyll themes, since this website is hosted on Github Pages, we need to make sure the theme is supported by Github Pages. This explanation didn’t make much sense to me when I first attempted to make my Jekyll site, so let me try to explain it in another way. For more information, see "Themes" in the Jekyll documentation. This website uses minima Jekyll theme. So, here I am to save your time and show you how to get it right – 1. You can add a theme to your site manually. You can add a Jekyll theme to your GitHub Pages site to customize the look and feel of your site. Clone or download Clone with HTTPS Use Git or checkout with SVN using the … You can find themes supported by Github Pages here.

When … sass jekyll-plugin Ruby MIT 123 120 1 0 Updated Apr 14, 2020. rubocop-jekyll A RuboCop extension to enforce common code style in Jekyll and Jekyll …

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Recently I ditched WordPress CMS and moved two of my websites to GitHub Pages. Cayman is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages jekyll github-pages jekyll-theme 154 commits 2 branches 0 packages 6 releases 19 contributors CC0-1.0 CSS HTML Ruby Shell.

These templates all work great, right out of the box. I used Jekyll a simple, blog-aware, static site generator for both of my websites. Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem "jekyll": In Gemfile: github-pages was resolved to 4, which depends on jekyll (= 1.1.2) jekyll-feed (~> 0.12) was resolved to 0.12.1, which depends on jekyll (>= 3.7, < 5.0) Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem "jekyll-feed": In Gemfile: github-pages was resolved to 36, which depends on jekyll-feed (= 0.2.3) minima (~> 2.5) was resolved to 2.5.0, …

github ruby jekyll octokit jekyll-plugin Ruby MIT 74 166 3 5 Updated Apr 27, 2020. jekyll-sass-converter A Sass converter for Jekyll. You can override any of your theme's defaults by editing the … Jekyll is a system of folders and files that allow you to make simple web pages.

Want your new theme to work seamlessly with GitHub Pages?

Setting up … GitHub Pages allow you to turn your repository into a website to showcase your project, portfolio, documentation, and anything you want to share with the world using your own Blog.

Jekyll also happens to be the engine behind GitHub Pages, which means you can use Jekyll to host your project’s page, blog, or website from GitHub’s servers for free. Setting up the sites was quite easy, however figuring out the right way to configure the custom domain (with https enabled) on GitHub Pages took me some time.

TODO: Add 'themes' folder and try some themes like Midnight. github-metadata Jekyll plugin to propagate the `site.github` namespace and set default values for use with GitHub Pages. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a blog using GitHub Pages and Jekyll with a few clicks in a very simple way …

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