is krav maga a martial art

I am often asked whether Krav Maga can be called a martial art or even a combat sport. Not even close. No, Krav maga is not a martial art for all the reasons he gives.

This makes it no different than the many other McDojos that are so infamous for churning out black belts with no fighting ability.
Let’s begin with the question of whether or not Krav […] Good questions because, by responding, we can get to the heart of what makes Krav Maga the unique and highly efficient self-defence and combat system that it is.

Thanks to its rising popularity and increasing roster of celebrity practitioners, many people outside of the world of martial arts are starting to take interest in Krav Maga –– and even recognize it by name, if not by its principles.

The premise behind Krav Maga is that you will become a deadly martial artist as long as you train a bunch of moves over and over again. Got to agree with Mijo here.. and he goes into much more good detail about why than I have time to write here.

If you practice a martial art, Krav Maga is likely a fighting system you’ve heard of. There is no “art” about it, no sport, no rules. So in conclusion, Krav Maga is not the deadliest martial art.

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