apollo 10 crew

Apollo 11 was the first to make that giant leap for mankind in July of that year.

Apollo 13 was to take men to the Moon’s surface in April 1970, but had a problem and never made it. Apollo 10 module landed in the Pacific Ocean 165 degrees west and five degrees and 8 minutes south. The crew of Apollo 10 completed a flight of 192 hours and 3 minutes and 23 seconds.

It was 1 minute and 24 seconds longer than planned. Throughout the mission, the crew conducted several live color TV broadcasts, giving the world an in-depth look at conditions inside an Apollo spacecraft. Its crew, the first to take small steps on a surface that was not our planet’s. Apollo 10 Splashdown. The mission's crew of Thomas Stafford, … Apollo 10 crew members (left to right) Thomas Stafford, Eugene Cernan (with mascot Snoopy) and John Young at crew press conference on April 26. It was the first flight of a complete, crewed Apollo spacecraft to operate around the Moon.

The Apollo 10 mission encompassed all aspects of an actual crewed lunar landing, except the landing. The Apollo 10 mission launched May 18, 1969 with the goal of simulating a descent to the lunar surface. Image Credit: NASA. As part of that inspection, they would take stereo photographs to obtain the highest-resolution images of the site. Author/Curator: Dr. David R. Williams, dave.williams@nasa.gov NSSDCA, Mail Code 690.1 NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Greenbelt, MD 20771 +1-301-286-1258

69-H-758 ( 128k or 1.0 Mb) This was the first all-veteran crew to have flown a U.S. space mission. Download this stock image: Apollo 10 Crew - HRH8PY from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors.

Apollo 10 crew portrait with LMP Gene Cernan at the left, CDR Tom Stafford in the center, and CMP John Young on the right.

Fifty years ago today, NASA's Apollo 10 mission rocketed to the moon. Apollo 12 did in November 1969.

The crew got just 9 miles from the surface, but they never landed.

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