vanuatu cyclone season

Tropical Cyclone Forecast Track Map Cyclones: Cyclones can occur suddenly in Vanuatu. Issued on 27 October 2017. Volcanoes/Earthquakes: Vanuatu The tropical cyclone season normally runs from November to May. Local media and hotels will convey cyclone alerts issued by local authorities.

Many Pacific countries, including Vanuatu, have also pushed back against large international disaster responses, asking instead for help building local capabilities. The driest months are June through November. The geographical location of the archipelago in the southwest Pacific, occasionally it is where tropical cyclones traversed by, which by general definition are associated with wind speeds of at least 34 knots (62 km/hr). My brother is getting married in Vanuatu at the end of November, but I have just read the LP which says that November is the beginning of cyclone season and… Read more on Radio New Zealand International

So generally between November and April is the hot, humid and wet season while the months of May through to October are the less hot, dryish season (or what Ni-Vanuatu call winter). Media release from the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-hazard Department (VMGD) on the tropical cyclone outlook for the 2017/2018 cyclone season. "Vanuatu is expected to have 1 to 3 Tropical Cyclones (TC) in 2017/2018 cyclone season.

The Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-hazard Department (VMGD) appeals to the general public to prepare for this season. For up to date daily forecasts of Vanuatu …
The South Pacific cyclone season usually starts in November and ends in April. Vanuatu has a long rainy season, with significant rainfall almost every month. Cyclone awareness Vanuatu is regularly subject to Cyclones ... VMGD has advanced weather forecasting systems and publishes the Tropical Cyclone Warning each day of the cyclone season at 6am and 6pm. The wettest and hottest months are December through April, which also constitutes the cyclone season. ‘Vanuatu is expected to have 2 to 6 Tropical Cyclones (TC) in 2015/2016 cyclone season. Cyclone season falls into the former category (but more on that later).

Vanuatu's Torba province remains on Red Alert as Cyclone Rita continues to churn through open water to the north of the country. The hot or wet season in Vanuatu, which starts on November to April of the following year, is also known as the tropical cyclone season.
Cyclone season usually lasts from November to April, and severe flooding, landslides, and disruptions to services may occur. Vanuatu Meteorology & Geo-Hazard Department.

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