Already have an account with us? Give Magura a try, you might wonder like I do, why more people don’t ride them on their bikes. CAD The Mt8 looks quite plush in some ways - a bit cheesy in others. I was very interested to see how their little brethren, the MT6, stacked up against them, since they share many […] In my case I run Trail Sport levers with HC3 blade + MT8 calipers. |, Ten tips to stay motivated through winter, - Carbon fibre reinforced injection moulded lever body and lever blade - New in line master cylinder design - Reach and bite adjust - New top loading pad design. GBP Hi I am trying to replace Sram Level TL:s on my Spark RC with Magura MT8 Pro. MT8’s Adjustability, ergonomics, and lever feel are good improvements over XTR. Magura stunning new MT8 brake is incredibly lightweight (278g w/ 160mm rotor), with great modulation, excellent power and resistance to heat, drag and squeal, which all combine to make it stand out in terms of performance. To adjust the levers you need a tiny M2 and the bolt is tucked deep inside the lever (so impossible to adjust on the trail with a multitool) and each time I adjusted I just prayed I wouldn’t strip the tiny bolt. This is where I had the most difficulty with my XTRs. After I just got off the Shimano XTR Race brakes with about 600 miles on them, I didn’t think I could get better, lighter, and more consistent brakes for my XC bike. The lever itself is a nice sturdy carbon fiber lever with improved 1-finger ergonomics, it feels nearly as stiff as the aluminum HC lever I have on my MT7 brakes. Latest deals. There’s a bit of flex when you’re hauling on the lever which means a softer feel than previous stark Magura brakes but modulation is good enough for staying upright on the slipperiest descents. Show product. Riders who utilize, for lack of a better way to define it, an “ABS” finger pulse on their brakes may make less modulating brakes work better than I can. MAGURA RIDERS. I am very impressed with the stopping power of my little MT8s with their 160mm rotors. Round 3: MT8. MT8 SL FM ... and we are always willing to assist you if you need any help during maintenance or have any issues with MAGURA products. Show product. With the Magura … This breaks down as follows: front calliper, hose and lever 180g; 160mm front rotor and bolts 100g; rear calliper, hose and lever 193g; 180mm rear rotor and bolts 126g. BRL Round 5: Magura, Shimano has okay customer service, but my experience with Magura’s service is on another level. Whereas the Maguras were much easier for me to bleed and top off after sitting for the offseason.I know this isn’t typical and many people report Maguras are tricky to bleed, and Shimano as easy; but the opposite was true for me. With a claimed weight around 195g (excluding rotor), they’re now among the (if not the) lightest mountain bike brakes on the market. MT7 Pro 4-Pistons. RUB For me, I was after power, and if you want 4 pot front and rear then it's the MT7s that fit the bill. Modulation in MTB is used to define how power is balanced with lever throw. The MT8 certainly isn’t cheap either. On the other hand, Magura has next-level customer service. Review by Fred Robinson // Photos by Ian Collins. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. The MT8s are Magura’s top billed brake, intended for XC to trail purposes. Modular adjustability is the key for Magura and their #Customiseyourbrake system allows riders all the choices to make their brake ideal for them. But for some reason, I was never able to get a good bleed from my XTR brakes and needed a professional mechanic to finish the job. Specifications Ergonomic, 2-finger, aluminium brake lever. These brakes held all the terrain any of my races have thrown at them. USD magura › But if you are looking to upgrade the brakes on your XC bike, check out Magura MT8, or MT8 SL. Having brakes that provide variable power, rather than an “on… So both win there. Don't miss out on MBUK – get your next 3 issues for just £5, Get the next 3 issues of the UK's number one cycling magazine for just £5, Very light, predictable and controlled brake but at a hefty cost, GBP £299.99 RRP Technologies of the Magura MT8 Pro disc brake Carbotecture® SL: Compared to Magura's conventional Carbotecture® material, a mixture of high-tech polymers and carbon or glass fibers, for Carbotecture® SL medium-length carbon fibers are integrated into the polyamides instead of short ones in order to further increase resistance and reduce weight at the same time. I’d never used a Magura brake previously, but I’m a curious monkey; time to have a look. Easy to see why many pros have the MT7 or MT8 raceline brakes on their bikes. The MT2 caliper benefits from race proven technologies seen on the MT7 and MT8 models, as Magura has extended these qualities across the range. I constantly felt like my lever was in a different place each time I rode, so I was constantly adjusting the lever placement. And just like above, once I set them up right, bled them through, they turned out to be the best brakes I could have had. Carbotecture® housing & handlebar clamp. Magura MT8 SL, SL might stand for “Super Light” but not when it comes to braking power. The lever reach adjustment screw is right in front of the lever so easy access with any multitool. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … Magura is an early mtb brake pioneer, but despite the long history, has a relatively minimal presence in this market. One reason I really liked Shimano was their use of Mineral Oil, mostly b/c of its near-infinite shelf-life and you don’t have to worry about the chemicals of DOT fluid. Magura's MT8 SL brakes are one of the lightest high-end XC options available. Another issue was both of my XTR’s levers had a terrible creak under hard braking and sounded like they were under too much stress, not the most confident inspiring noise to hear. But as many of you know, XC courses are getting increasingly more technical, so the brakes have to live up to more challenging and aggressive downs. Show product. The Magura MT8 is on another level and leave Shimano in the brake dust, in every way. MT5 4-Pistons. I never was a fan of carbon blades, so getting the blades that work for me was the first step. Our review. In order to reach the overall score we use a combination of expert product reviews, customer feedback and a range of other criteria, including brand reputation and 3rd party review scores. EUR Thanks! When my XTR brakes started to have oil flow issues, I reached out to Shimano and their response was basically, “We have never heard of the issue, please see local dealer for help.” This response is fine, I get it, but I would have liked some more feedback on things I can test, or troubleshoot before going to a bike shop. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - These are on an XC bike, so we aren’t talking massive downhill descents. Friday, June 15, 2012 at 3:01PM Permalink . The MT8s were a lot more straight forward. Two very economic and powerful brakes worth considering are the MT4 two-piston at $110, or MT5 four pistons at $125. The Magura MT8 brakes are some of the lighest brakes on the market. Front brake went on without problems but the rear hits seat stay very Scott Spark RC 900 2018 with Magura MT8 Pro- Adjustable lever reach Forged, 2-piston brake caliper Bike brakes are only a tiny part of the Magura product line and given that they specialise in high precision injection moulded parts for people like BMW, it’s not surprising that they’ve switched to a composite ‘Carbotecture SL’ material for the master cylinder and lever on the MT series. Magura Magura MT8 Brake reviews. These 4-piston stoppers pack a serious punch in a uniquely German-looking package. The plush bit comes from the silky white finish. Combined with their carbon/thermoplastic resin lever blades easily put them under 200g per wheel (excluding rotor). They're claimed weight sounds right we had the 203mm rotors and the brakes were 348gms with rotor. These are on an XC bike, so we aren’t talking massive downhill descents. The MT8 is the flagship of Magura’s all-new four-brake range, tempting racers to spend £300 per end with a super-light composite front end and an impressively consistent performance. Magura has reworked their levers to shave a few more grams, offering an MT8 SL brakeset that comes in under 200g per wheel. FAQ VIDEOS DOWNLOADS. There’s a five-year anti-leak guarantee and bleeding with mineral oil is straightforward, though it’s intolerant of any air you get in when tweaking. Magura MT5 Disc Brake review. The calipers are beefy and robust. On the other hand, setting up my cockpit and getting the Magura MT8 in the most intuitive place was very easy. But as many of you know, XC courses are getting increasingly more technical, so the brakes have to live up to more challenging and aggressive downs. ing for. Magura has always offered a wide range of braking solutions for your bike, ranging from lever shapes to piston combinations, brake pads to colour options. One thing that makes Magura handle the heat better than Shimano is the rotors are 2mm thick (still some of the lightest at 96g on the market) opposed to 1.8mm thick like all other rotors, and having a thicker rotor means it takes more to get hot, and are stiffer to handle more forces. The plush bit comes from the silky white finish. NZD, Padded / Protective Short Liners / Chamois, Park Tool PRS-25 Team Issue Bicycle Repair Stand [Rider Review], Wolf Tooth Masterlink Combo Pack Pliers [Rider Review], Taking The Love Of My Life To New Zealand [Video], Renthal FatBar Carbon V2 Handlebar [Rider Review], 1x Magura - Lever + Caliper 205g + 96g 160mm Rotor = 311g, 1x Shimano - Lever + Caliper 210g + 108g 160mm IceTech CL Rotor = 318g. Features, technologies, unique materials, brakes › By entering your details, you are agreeing to BikeRadar terms and conditions and privacy policy. Magura MT8 Disc Brake Review. Round 4: Tie, personally for me, Magura's are easier. Magura MT8 disc brake review. This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine. MT8 Pro 2-Pistons. The high tech works of art use some amazingly innovative production techniques and materials to create a light and […] MT4 2-Pistons. Magura is able to hack the price of the Sport version by using alloy levers instead of carbon, and a less-expensive version of their Carbotecture brake lever housing material. So YMMV. Very light, predictable and controlled brake but at a hefty cost. I have had 2 issues with my brakes (different models) and they reply quickly with either a replacement part being sent or ideas on how to address the issue. Buying new Cycling products, whether online or in-store takes a lot of research, finding the right product, at the right price, from the best retailer and one that delivers the best features and from a reputable brand. The Mt8 looks quite plush in some ways - a bit cheesy in others. I have about 300 miles on the Magura MT8 SL brakes and I am thoroughly impressed and can say the Magura MT8 SL brakes are an improvement in every way from performance, weight, setup, bleeding, and customer service. AUD Magura MT7 Pro Brakes Words & Photos by Drew Rohde Usually we wait ‘til the end of the review to make our proclamation, but Magura’s MT7 Pro brakes aren’t usual. DESCRIPTION Sharing the general design of the top-tier MT8, Magura's MT4 is a value-minded package that gains a sub-40 gram weight penalty. See how the Magura Magura MT8 rates and read other Brake reviews. Show product. These brakes held all the terrain any of my races have thrown at them. Magura MTS Disc Brake System user reviews : 3 out of 5 - 1 reviews. SHOW MORE. I had a 180mm on the front, but … I have owned Sram Guide Ultimate, Sram Level RL, Shimano XTR, and now all versions of Magura brakes. Brakes with less modulation have more power sooner into the throw. Magura’s new MT8 disc brakes claim to have the world’s first carbon fiber master cylinder. So yes, I am a "Magura Fanboy” but only because they outperform the competition, weight it comes to power, weight, setup, and customer service. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Truckerco Organic Semi-Metallic Brake Pads Magura MTS MT2 MT4 MT6 MT8 7.1 7.2 at I had a 180mm on the front, but switched it to 160mm (b/c grams) and haven’t looked back, still plenty of power on 160mm. Rider Review ›, Currency: Round 2: Magura, but not noticeable, XTRs are still very light! The MT8 gets the top grade material too, combined with a single piece calliper and titanium bolts to drop weight to a very impressive 339g. Last year, I spent I long time riding and testing the top of the line Magura MT8 brakes, and I was highly impressed with them, and found them to be the epitome of German perfection. The bleed process is pretty standard and the course thread screws are well designed to work with the plastic levers. Powerful German anchor of a disc brake Our rating . I am very impressed with the stopping power of my little MT8s with their 160mm rotors. Our "Rider Review" article series features the honest reviews from verified purchasers of Worldwide Cyclery. CLP Magura MT8 Brakes. MT8 SL 2-Pistons. MT8 Pro, 1-finger HC lever MT8 Pro, 1-finger HC lever, can be used left/right, 2,200 mm cable length, single brake, includes accessories (pack of 1) the MT8 Pro offers the same performance as the high-end model MT8 SL, equipped with the 1-finger HC lever made … Show product. They contain the photos, thoughts, feedback & overall review you are looking for. On my last experience, they went as far as not only sending me the replacement part but also including a new rotor and brake pads. The Sport brakes are equipped Magura’s short, ergonomically designed HC lever with reach adjust, and are recommended to be ridden with their Storm HC rotors (sold separately for $32 each). With my XTR I felt fade sooner, even with all their fancy Ice-Tech Rotors, Finned pads, etc I was constantly having to re-adjust the lever to find the sweet spot for cold vs warm brakes. Boy was I wrong. You've been subscribed to our newsletter. The Storm SL rotor provided consistent torque delivery on the dyno and while power isn’t dramatic it’s enough for most trail situations. I’ve had my set installed on my Niner Jet 9 with a 160 front/140 rear rotor for a bit now and have been testing […] Magura MT2 MTB Disc Brake scored 9.3 in our review which makes it one of the top products available in the Cycling category. I prefer smoothly applying pressure corelated to the amount of power required. Magura's have been the most powerful, consistent, easiest brake for me to get feeling most confident. With the MT8, it's clear Magura set out to make one of the lightest, high performance brakes available. Read all Magura MT8 Carbon Disc Brake reviews here: Read Full Review. Magura MT8 SL, SL might stand for “Super Light” but not when it comes to braking power. Good enough for Bruni, so probably enough p… Average torque: 90Nm, Weight: 599g a pair, including rotors and mounting hardware. You can unsubscribe at any time. Compared to other bicycle manufacturers customer service, where you feel like you have to sell your soul to get them to listen to you, Magura is very human and eager to take care of you. While the XTR Race brakes are considered industry standard for light-weight consistent brakes, while they are great brakes, and if they come on your bike, I wouldn’t change them. How easy is it to bleed?