why infrared telescope

Applications Infrared telescopes can detects objects too cool---and therefore too faint---to be observed in visible light, such as planets, some nebulae and brown dwarf stars. All new telescopes are built to operate at both optical and infrared wavelengths. The infrared rays are readily absorbed by the water vapour in Earth’s atmosphere, and most of this water vapour is located at the lower atmospheric regions—i.e., near sea level. Earth-bound infrared telescopes have been successfully located on high mountaintops, as, for example, Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Relatively cold objects invisible to optical telescopes become visible in the infrared. Interstellar gas, planets and dust discs around other stars, asteroids, brown dwarfs (failed stars) and stars being born are all examples of objects that are too cold to shine in visible wavelengths but become conspicuous when viewed in the infrared. by Kate Kershner. NEXT PAGE . Optical and infrared telescopes are very similar in construction, but infrared telescopes like the IRTF are designed to minimize the amount of heat that is emitted by the telescope itself. Why is it clearer to view space through an infrared telescope? Infrared telescopes allow us to see things that aren't on the visible spectrum. Because infrared light passes through dust and gas where visible light is blocked. In the image below you can clearly see the difference between infrared and visible light images. The first orbital infrared telescope, the Infrared Astronomy Satellite (IRAS), launched in 1983, increased the known astronomical catalog by about 70 percent.

Direct infrared emission from cold dust is feeble, and Herschel's sensitivity will …

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