why does messenger keep logging me out on my iphone

Facebook Messenger Keeps Crashing on Android/iPhone. iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting M. michael31986 macrumors 68040.

Please help.
my phone keeps logging me out of all my apps too. My iPhone keeps kicking me out of my apps. WhatAmI macrumors 6502a. Please help! i have a 16 gb sd card in my phone and for some reason all of my stuff gets saved to the phones internal memory. I never had this problem with Windows. Sep 18, 2009 #1 What do I do. In most cases, it is that the app FaceBook Messenger that keeps crashing on iPhone and Android devices(e.g. Sep 2, 2009 920 10. I recently installed the Yahoo! I would get my message alerts, click on the mail tab, read my mail, close Hotmail and it would take me back to the Messenger screen without having to sign in every time. Part 1.

Sometimes Facebook app acts as a little kid who keeps asking for two candies instead of one. I turned it off and on already. Why can't I log on properly?

When I log in with all the correct details, it logs me in just for a few seconds with an upper screen message that says 'connecting...' and my contacts visible. Had already done all 5 of the above, multiple times, but makes no difference. Method 1. i had a hunch it could be not having enough space on my phone. Thread starter michael31986; Start date Sep 18, 2009; Sort (Likes) Forums. Once I start the WP8 Messaging app, it started "Connecting" again, and my Desktop Messenger will show that I am signed on m Windows Phone too. Reply. However, after a few second, the screen does its flip animation and goes back to the log on page.

i cant play any music or view my photos. Facebook messenger won't log in automatically due to Facebook app but surely it will keep on insisting you to do so!

Messenger application on my iPhone 4. Jul 11, 2008 3,803 459. This is very frustrating. Original poster. Samsung, HTC, LG). In this part, we will show 6 amazing methods to help you to solve it. iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. We have tried all of the steps. Also, make sure to change your password. Michael Staindl says: July 1, 2018 at 7:15 pm Twitter keeps crashing my ipad 3. Reopen Facebook Messenger. My iPhone 7 keeps kicking me out of Facebook. It might be logging you out because you are logged in elsewhere (Someone else is on your account, most likely) Reinstalling FB Messenger usually fixes all of the issues I've encountered. … If that doesn't work, contact FB Support.

It works for a short time and then it kicks me out again. I have signed into messenger and when I access Hotmail from Messenger, it keeps signing me out saying I have signed in at another location. iPhone.

I noticed something was wrong when I had NOT signed out on Messenger on my phone, and my Desktop Messenger only showed me as signed in on desktop on not phone.

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