what is the importance of building a lunar base?

A lunar outpost is a concept of a permanent or semi-permanent presence of humans on the Moon by the United States space administration NASA.NASA has requested an increase in the 2020 budget of $1.6 billion, in order to make another crewed mission to the Moon by 2024, followed by a sustained presence on the Moon by 2028. Building a lunar base is no different than building the first oil rig out in the ocean. It’s hard for most people to understand what a monumental undertaking a Moon base would be, and how mind-bogglingly expensive it would be. But how would you build a base in the first place? Colonization of the Moon is the proposed establishment of a permanent human community or robotic industries on the Moon, the closest astronomical body to Earth.. Building in the vicinity of such a site would offer plentiful solar power, and relief from the extremes of heat and cold found across the rest of the Moon.
Then we could build houses, … In reality any lunar base remains firmly on the drawing board, but each small step forward in research makes future lunar colonisation a little more feasible. Our estimates for both development and operation of the lunar base assume that it is located at the south pole. Development of the lunar base is estimated at $35 billion for a base that can host a four-person crew and remain unmanned between missions. Discovery of water in the soil at the lunar poles by Chandrayaan-1 in 2008–09 renewed interest in the Moon, after NASA missions in the 1990's suggested the presence of lunar ice. Using only materials available on the Moon when building a Moon base would reduce the need to launch supplies from Earth. A 1.5-metric-ton building block produced as a 3D-printing demonstration of lunar soil.
NASA has released a report detailing how it intends to set up a base on the moon — and from there send astronauts to explore Mars as part of its Artemis program. It seems that lunar dust could be collected by astronauts on the Moon, and a special 3D printer could turn it into building materials! A Moon base is seen as an important staging point* if humans are to one day visit or set up a base on Mars.

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