tsunami zone napier

community/tsunami-evacuation-maps/ Please do take the time to explore these maps, so you will know what to do if you receive a tsunami warning while at home in Greenhithe or elsewhere in Auckland. Napier (/ ˈ n eɪ p i ər / NAY-pee-ər; Māori: Ahuriri) is a New Zealand city with a seaport, located in Hawke's Bay on the eastern coast of the North Island.The population of Napier is about 62,800 as of June 2019. Coastal Hazards Mōreareatanga Taha Moana. Napier Hill Safe Zone. It remains New Zealand's deadliest natural disaster.Centred 15 km north of Napier, it lasted for two and a half minutes and had a magnitude of 7.8 M s (7.7 M w). Within Tsunami Evacuation Zone: Maraenui Maraenui School Within Tsunami Evacuation Zone: Meeanee Memorial Hall 2 Gavin Black Street, Meeanee: Within Tsunami Evacuation Zone: Napier Hill Central School 32 Napier Terrace, Napier 4110 Napier South Napier Intermediate: Within Tsunami Evaucation Zone: Onekawa William Colenso College Deterministic analysis of local tsunami generated by subduction zone earthquakes demonstrates the potential for extensive inundation and building damage in Napier, New Zealand. After a major local earthquake resulting in a possible tsunami threat, it is estimated 15,000 people will evacuate up to Napier Hill. As we approach the ninth-year anniversary of the 2011 Japan earthquake/tsunami, East Coast LAB and Napier City Council are encouraging everyone who lives, works, or studies in tsunami evacuation zones to practice their tsunami evacuation walk. A long or strong earthquake and tsunami could occur while your children are at school.
About 18 kilometres (11 mi) south of Napier is the inland city of Hastings.These two neighbouring cities are often called "The Bay Cities" or "The Twin Cities" of New Zealand. Coastal hazards in Hawke's Bay include tsunami, storm erosion and storm flooding, and you can learn about the planning rules for coastal hazard zones that are in place, and the management strategy that is underway. Other parts of Auckland Napier Hill is the closest high ground for people in surrounding areas like Napier CBD, Napier South, Te Awa, Marewa, Maraenui, Westshore and Ahuriri. The risk to Greenhithe is along the beach, foreshore and marine environment close to the shore (the red zone). Downloadable (with restrictions)! The 1931 Hawke's Bay earthquake, also known as the Napier earthquake, occurred in New Zealand at 10:47 am on 3 February, killing 256, injuring thousands and devastating the Hawke's Bay region.

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