witcher 3 dlc armor scaling

The undvik armor is high level. It looks so cool on geralt. DLC Armor scaling on consoles I am on xbone and it seems that the Temerian armor that no level 29 is available. I'm at the point where I kind of wear whatever based on looks and it didn't make that much of a diff. Could we have a confirmation as to whether DLC armor are supposed to scale on Consoles as well, and if not, is it going to change down the road? what lvl will be those dlc quest ? still 30 /40 . For example the next best set after mastercrafted feline is legendary feline gear, then enhanced legendary feline gear and so on till mastercrafted legendary feline. In my case, all of them have stayed at their minimum cap, so - for example - I am able to buy a Nilfgaardian set that requires level 10 while Geralt in my gameplay has already reached 29.

K. KingfiShiZ Rookie #2 Jun 3, 2015 /edit: nah, no scale. Imo the watt they handled armor and weapons in this turned out to be bad as getting witcher gear was always best option.

As the topic states - I've read multiple times, that some equipment (every of DLC armor sets) is supposed to be scaling to the actual level of Geralt. I was just wondering , i may go thru the whole game 1st before jumping on these DLCs ... Let say im lvl 50 at the end ? I have read similar reports from people on PS4. Although I did use witch Hunter and executioner armor for a bit. Btw the witcher gear sets that you can craft from blueprints are now called "legendary ...". so you need to collect these blueprints again to get these.

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