wind zone map nz

Then type in address or road name etc. Click here to link to Auckland Council GSI Wind Zone Viewer. Swell Height/Dir Swell Period Pressure Rainfall Wind zones and regions - link to BRANZ web viewer; How do I use it? Google Chrome or Firefox are the best browsers to use GIS Maps. New Zealand's advanced marine weather forecasting website. Show Map. Select search option for full address, or road etc. Mapping tool which shows zonal information for a given address. View information on Plan Changes here. BRANZ Maps - earthquake zones, corrosion zones, wind regions, wind zones, climate zones, rainfall intensity .

From high wind zone based on a maximum site wind speed of 55 m/s, while NZS 4211:2008 introduced an extreme wind zone based on a maximum wind speed of 60 m/s.

District Plan Index Maps.

Covenant maps. Description. Export Layer About.

Click the pancake on the web site to turn on Wind Zones. Added 29 Jul 2011 14891 Views 399 Downloads Wind Zone codes for Porirua City for building codes. You can request a hard copy of a Council map for a standard print charge. Legal boundaries. Porirua Wind Zones Porirua City Council.

Click Here To Link To Branz Wind Zone Maps. These are the current Kāpiti Coast District Council District Plan Maps. Other Charts.

View on Information Provider website {{ linkText }} Abbreviation BRANZ Maps ArcGIS Valid from 01/01/2017. Landscape and Contour data. District Plan Maps do not include details of notified Public Plan Changes or Private Plan Changes which are operative but have not yet been incorporated into the current District Plan. Check legend below for Wind Zone. Data Table.

Information provider BRANZ Limited Information type Tool Format Website. Click the shapes to see the legend. Web Mapping Application by ZorkoS Created: Apr … Auckland wind zones and services A brief summary of the item is not available. Services. History. Add a brief summary about the item. Map 60 - Mossburn Urban Zone.pdf (external link) Map 61 - Nightcaps Urban Zone.pdf (external link) Map 62 - Oban Rakiura Urban Zone.pdf (external link) Map 62A - Oban Industrial Zone.pdf (external link) Map 63 - Ohai Urban Zone.pdf (external link) Map 64 - Orepuki Rural Settlement.pdf (external link) Map 65 - Otautau Urban Zone.pdf (external link) How do I get a hard copy map?

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