why is te ao māori important

Recent appreciation for Māori culture and the importance of Te Reo’s place in New Zealand history has sparked a fresh interest in the language’s protection. Ora says, "Karakia (prayer) is important to our people, water is also significant to us in Waikato. Students demonstrate miharo. Māori are the kaitiaki (guardians) of these taonga, which provide a source of unity and identity for tangata whenua (local people). Māori live at the interface between te ao Māori and the wider global society. Te reo Māori and tikanga Māori are intertwined, and so learning te reo Māori gives students access to te ao Māori (the Māori world) and to Māori world views. Why provide learning opportunities While the activities described in this resource are likely to affirm and enrich Māori students, they are intended to be inclusive and appropriate for all. Simon Day spoke to three newly appointed Māori professors at the University of Otago about why putting te ao Māori at the centre of their work is so important. Students discuss the local area and make comparison to other areas and places.

Values associated with te ao Māori that have special relevance within the school context include the following:. "In times of need, we turn to God and go to the water to pray. It is being increasingly acknowledged as a cornerstone of New Zealand culture, and an important part of the country’s heritage. Te Kāea spoke to Ora Kihi, of defending champions Whāngārā Mai Tawhiti, about the edge that karakia brought to their winning performance in 2017. The loss of ancestral lands is a key issue for Māori. Students know their whenua. The insights and experiences that students gain as they learn the language will enrich and broaden their understandings of the uniqueness and complexity of …

One way kaiako enact a Māori world view in practice is by paying attention to attributes or traits familiar and important to Māori. Māori regard land, soil and water as taonga (treasures). Students practice and apply tikanga as it applies to their environment. Māori want to use their own land management systems to protect and enhance the land. Students interact with and within their immediate environment.

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