why is japan prone to earthquakesfm radio live

While Japan is no stranger to earthquakes, the 7.0-magnitude temblor is one of the largest ever recorded in this part of southern Japan, Caruso told Live Science. Al Jazeera's senior meteorologist gives insights on why earthquakes and tsunamis hit island nation. Well, since 'hazards of any kind' can happen just about everywhere, you run real low on places left to live. People who have committed incest have shared their incredibly shocking and heartbreaking accounts on Reddit. You pays your money, you takes your chance. Japan is particularly susceptible to earthquakes because it is located within the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, where many of the world's earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur.

It's a string of volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean, and the region is prone to earthquakes. Icestorms, floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, lightning and thunder storms, volcanoes, and yes, even the odd earthquake now and then. The map and text below show the following details : a) the observed Seismic Intensity (1 and above) and its location and region, b) the date and time of the earthquake, and c) its epicenter and magnitude. CNN's Rosemary Church talks to Matt Alt who experienced the earthquake in Japan. In fact, most earthquakes strike within the ring. But why is …

JAPAN is currently being hit by strong winds and heavy rain while Typhoon Shanshan is currently rampaging across the Pacific Ocean. Why Japan is prone to earthquakes. The Pacific Ring of Fire is aptly named. Here's five facts.

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