who discovered the kuiper belt

The edge of the Solar System is about 100 times the distance from the Earth to the Sun.

The kuiper belt is suspected to host as many as 100,000 objects. Distant Asteroids As we said, there are many asteroids found in the Kuiper Belt. David Jewitt and June Luu discovered the first Kuiper belt. They detected a faint speck light an object about 42AV the first time a Kuiper Belt has been sighted. While probing the dwarf planet Pluto on the outskirts of our solar system, Hubble spied four previously unknown moons orbiting the icy world. It turns out that, since 2002, five of these highly inclined Kuiper belt objects have been discovered, and their origins are largely unexplained. Occasionally the orbit of a Kuiper Belt object will be disturbed by the interactions of the giant planets in such a way as to cause the object to cross the orbit of Neptune. The Kuiper Belt is a disk-shaped region past the orbit of Neptune extending roughly from 30 to 50 AU from the Sun containing many small icy bodies.It is now considered to be the source of the short-period comets. You start to encounter objects in the Kuiper Belt at about 50 times the distance from the Earth to the Sun. In the outer reaches of the Solar System, beyond the orbit of Neptune, lies a region permeated by celestial objects and minor planets. The tiny moons Nix and Hydra were the first to be spotted, followed by the even tinier Kerberos and Styx. Many of them have diameters more than 50 miles across. First kuiper-belt object was found by astronomer David Jewitt and his former student Jane Luu, in 1992. A half year later they found the next object.

The most famous member of the kuiper belt is the dwarf planet Pluto. The kuiper belt is like the asteroid belt, only twice as wide, twice as tall and has at least twice as many stuff.

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