which of the following possible types of universe would not expand forever?

Universes that will someday begin to contract have ages less than two-thirds \(T_0\). Grundy et al. A Accelerating B Coasting C Critical D Recollapsing Chapter 18 Dark Matter and from ISP 205 at Michigan State University Answer the following questions by selecting an answer choice and writing the letter next to each number (1 pt. The universe is getting smaller every day. 19) If the universe is accelerating, it will expand forever. This has caused cosmologists to abandon the … The next possible universe is a closed universe. Origins and Structure of the Universe Quiz. 20) If we learn that the universe is a recollapsing universe, it will mean that the universe is presently contracting, rather than expanding as generally believed. 21) One possible ingredient of dark matter is known as WIMPs, or weakly interacting massive particles. At the critical density (curve 3), the universe can just barely expand forever. This simply means that the universe does not expand into infinity becuase there is sufficient matter and gravity to reverse the expansion of the universe. Current evidence also indicates the universe is not closed.

"Not with a bang but with a whimper," wrote the American poet T.S. Eliot regarding the end of the world. did not determine which bodies were dwarf planets, but rather which could not be.

A red marks objects too dark or not dense enough to be solid bodies, a question mark the smaller bodies consistent with being differentiated (the question of current equilibrium was not addressed). Which of the following statements is true? The universe contracts and expands on a regular basis.

This lesson will describe three models of the universe, including closed, open, and flat, as well as critical density and which model is most likely the correct one. There is so much curvature in this universe that the dimensions actually curve back into themselves, much like a circle or sphere. Theoretically, the cyclic universe could not [vague] be reconciled with the second law of thermodynamics: entropy would build up from oscillation to oscillation and cause heat death. The universe is expanding outward. The critical-density universe has an age of exactly two-thirds \(T_0\), where \(T_0\) is the age of the empty universe. each). How will the universe end?

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