where is pioneer 11 now

A true pioneer, it paved the way for 2 more sophisticated missions - the 2 Voyagers in 1980 and '81 - and Cassini from 2004 to 2017.

Pioneer 10 (originally designated Pioneer F) is an American space probe, launched in 1972 and weighing 258 kilograms (569 pounds), that completed the first mission to the planet Jupiter. The spacecraft flew closest to Jupiter on 3rd November in the year 1974, closer to the planet than Pioneer 10. After leaving Saturn, Pioneer 11 headed out of the solar system in a direction opposite to that of Pioneer 10, toward the center of the galaxy in the general direction of Sagittarius.

Pioneer 11. Pioneer 6 was launched on 16 December 1965. Pioneer 11 was the first spacecraft ever to encounter Saturn. Pioneer 10 and 11 Current Locations, Learn the latest sky news as you streak through the universe in stunning 3-D! Pioneer 11 (also known as Pioneer G) is a 259-kilogram (571 lb) robotic space probe launched by NASA on April 6, 1973 to study the asteroid belt, the environment around Jupiter and Saturn, solar wind and cosmic rays.

On 22 January 2003, when Pioneer 10’s signal was last detected, the spacecraft had travelled 82 AU (7.6 billion miles) from Earth, more than twice the distance from the Sun to Pluto.

On December 8, 1992, when Pioneer 10 was "only" 5.2 billion miles away, the craft experienced an unexpected course change. Jupiter Page Saturn Page.

Other Sources of Pioneer 10/11 Information/Data

Pioneer 10's last signal (NASA Press Release, 2003-02-25) Pioneer 11 ends operations (NASA Press Release, 1995-09-29) Status of Pioneer 10 and 11 (1997-12-01) Status of Pioneer 10 and 11 (1996-12-02) Status of Pioneer 10 and 11 (1996-05-24) Related Information/Data at NSSDCA. Long before and after flying by Jupiter, Pioneer 10 transmitted data on the magnetic fields, energetic particle radiation and dust populations in interplanetary space. Pioneer 11 is the first manmade object to fly past the planet Saturn. Far-flung Pioneer 10 is the perfect guinea pig for such an experiment.

In 1973, NASA launched Pioneer 11, providing scientists with their closest view of Jupiter, from 26,600 miles above the cloud tops in December 1974. Pioneer 11 was the first mission to explore Saturn and the second spacecraft in humanity's early reconnaissance of the outer solar system. REAL astronomy for all ages!

Pioneer 11 crossed the orbit of Neptune on Feb. 23, 1990, becoming the fourth spacecraft —after Pioneer 10, Voyager 1 and 2—to do so. Its feeble signals travel nearly 11 hours to reach Earth from a distance of 7.3 billion miles -- that's 78 times farther from the Sun than our planet.

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