when will neuralink be available

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk recently made his second appearance on the widely popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast, which was released today. At first, this mind-machine technology would face apprehension when it would come to mass adoption, owing to major risks like computer bugs and brain hacking. Neuralink has built a robot that uses high-end optics to peer into holes drilled in the skull and then place the wires precisely.
The lenses and computer vision software help the robot avoid hitting blood vessels which means that there would be less damage to the brain, and hence, the formation of scar tissues would …

Musk, who spoke about Neuralink before he smoked pot on the podcast, said this sort of technology could eventually allow humans to create a snapshot of themselves that can live on if our bodies die. Once Neuralink is available, researchers working on schizophrenia are probably going to need volunteers with it who are willing to put wires into their brains, that's something you might be able to sign up for, but we don't know if it'd result in an actual cure.

Other, more illicit ones, can be abused as well, in a digital manner.
Now it's looking to have its first human patient with its technology before the end of 2020.

Unlike many of … Those businesses may end up in the industry graveyard, replaced by an app version available for $0.99 (maybe for $50, accounting for inflation). - "/sci/ - Science & Math" is 4chan's board for the discussion of science and math. Initially it is aimed at ameliorating effects of severe brain damage, but gradually the technology will be available to common masses. This potential does raise questions about how Neuralink intends to regulate the use of its software, including third-party development. Each wire is one-quarter the width of a human hair and laced with dozens of electrodes.

Neuralink described the robot [as working] ‘somewhat like a sewing machine’ to implant the threads. Will neuralink ever work?

Elon Musk's first comments about Neuralink came in 2017.

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