what would happen if the new madrid fault line went off

Uncertainty is the maddening aspect of earthquakes. We also know there are no such plates in the central United States. New Madrid fault and earthquake-prone region considered at high risk today The 1811–12 New Madrid earthquakes ( / ˈ m æ d r ɪ d / ) were a series of intense intraplate earthquakes beginning with an initial earthquake of moment magnitude 7.2–8.2 on December 16, 1811, followed by a moment magnitude 7.4 aftershock on the same day.

If a magnitude 7.7 earthquake hit the region today, thousands would die, hundreds of thousands of buildings would be damaged, and the economic losses would be measured in the hundreds of billions of dollars. What would happen if the New Madrid fault line went off? This is something that scientists have studied. There is also a 7-10% chance of a magnitude 7.5-8.0 earthquake occurring in the New Madrid Seismic Zone Earthquakes with magnitudes equal to or larger than 2.5 are shown by the yellow dots. The New Madrid Seismic Zone (/ ˈ m æ d r ɪ d /), sometimes called the New Madrid Fault Line, is a major seismic zone and a prolific source of intraplate earthquakes (earthquakes within a tectonic plate) in the southern and midwestern United States, stretching to the southwest from New Madrid, Missouri.. So what would happen if a major earthquake did strike the New Madrid fault zone? We know they happen frequently along the earth’s tectonic plates. How dangerous is the New Madrid fault… Which two states have the least number of earthquakes which state has the most earthquakes? When people think of earthquakes in the United States, they tend to think of the west coast. The New Madrid fault is expected to generate a large-scale earthquake within the next 50 years. They can’t be predicted, even very big ones. New Madrid Seismic Zone - Quaternary Fault Localities. If a strong New Madrid earthquake, with a magnitude equal to the historic 1811-1812 earthquakes (7.0-8.0), were to occur today, estimated damage to the central USA would be in the tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars.

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