what was the name of the hurricane that hit haiti

Haiti and the United Nations are planning an appeal for emergency aid after Hurricane Sandy killed 54 people and devastated crops last week before going on to hit the United States. By the time the U.S. pulled out in 1934, Haiti’s own institutions had atrophied. Cholera vaccination campaign for Haitians hardest hit by Hurricane Matthew 28 November 2016 – More than 729 000 people in Haiti have been vaccinated against cholera to reduce the burden of severe illness and deaths in areas at high risk. In Haiti, the recovery continues, as Hurricane Matthew was the largest humanitarian emergency there since the … The hurricane, which hit Haiti on Tuesday, brought 145mph winds and torrential rains that destroyed more than 3,200 homes, displaced 15,000 people, ruined plantations and …

It was so destructive that the name "Fran" was retired from use. 3. The hardest hit area was southwestern Haiti, with eastern Cuba, western Grand Bahama Island and South Carolina and Florida in the U.S. also impacted. Hurricane Matthew set to hit Jamaica . Hurricane Fran: Satellite image of a hurricane named "Fran." Hurricane Allen (1980) was a category five hurricane that passed over Haiti before making landfall at the US-Mexico border. 2. Fran was the sixth named storm of the 1996 hurricane season. See the most recent Hurricane Season Forecast and Updates here.
Residents in Jamaica spent the weekend boarding up their homes and stocking up as Hurricane Matthew is set to barrel down on the island. Hurricane Ike hit Haiti very early in the morning on September 7, 2008. Satellite image by NASA.

See a list of retired tropical storm and hurricane names here. Locate Haiti using Google Maps. Hurricane Matthew hit both Haiti and the U.S. East Coast Coast in October 2016 as a Category 4 hurricane with torrential rain, massive storm surge, and winds up to 145 mph. More recently, both Haiti and the Dominican Republic were occupied by the United States, but Haiti was occupied for much longer. 4. Haiti Ravaged by Hurricane Matthew Hurricane Matthew was the worst natural disaster to strike the Caribbean nation of Haiti since the earthquake of 2010. Overall, 1,000 deaths were attributed to the hurricane with approximately 500 of those deaths impacting Haiti directly. It was the fourth in a string of hurricanes that ravaged Haiti that year. For the 2020 hurricane season, the list of names from 2014 will be used again. What was the name of the hurricane that hit Haiti? 1. Hurricane Matthew path caused substantial damage in September and October 2016. Deadly Hurricane Irma has already caused major damage - and several countries in its path are yet to feel its effects. Haiti Hurricane Matthew 2016. Hurricane Matthew Hits Haiti October 4, 2016 JPEG On October 4, 2016, Hurricane Matthew made landfall on southwestern Haiti as a category-4 storm—the strongest storm to hit the Caribbean nation in more than 50 years. Hurricane Fran was a large, powerful, destructive hurricane that made landfall near Cape Fear, North Carolina on September 5, 1996. transcript. Hurricane Names for the 2020 Hurricane Season. Hurricane Matthew path caused substantial damage in September and October 2016. The hardest hit area was southwestern Haiti, with eastern Cuba, western Grand Bahama Island and South Carolina and Florida in the U.S. also impacted. Discuss the BtN Haiti Hurricane story as a class and record the main points of your discussion.

Hurricane season begins on June 1 and ends on November 30 each year.

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