what was the first spacecraft to leave the solar system

It was the first spacecraft to make direct observations and obtain close-up images of Jupiter, and by the time it reached its target, it had been traveling through space for 21 months, traversing regions of the solar system … Voyager 1 has crossed a brand new frontier, becoming the primary spacecraft ever to leave the solar gadget, NASA stated. Pioneer 10 was launched on March 2, 1972.

It is the first manmade object to leave the solar system, but it will remain in communication with Earth until at least 2025. NASA spacecraft first to ever leave solar system Voyager 1 has crossed a new frontier, becoming the first spacecraft ever to leave the solar system, NASA said … Ed Stone, the mission's chief scientist at …

The spacecraft Voyager-1 has become the first man-made object ever to leave our solar system. Scientists say it's now travelling in the space between stars, 12 billion miles away from earth. The closest potentially habitable planet outside of our solar system is an intimidating 4.2 light-years away, but that hasn't stopped scientists from dreaming of ways to get there. When the spacecraft does leave the influence of the sun, it will be the first man-made object to ever leave the solar system. Voyager 1 has crossed a new frontier, becoming the first spacecraft ever to leave the solar system, NASA said Thursday. Solar storm aftershocks at the edge of the solar system provide confirmation that the Voyager 1 spacecraft made the passage on August 25, 2012, space agency scientists said Thursday.

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