what is a tsunami

Tsunami can travel at speeds up to 950km/h in deep water, which is equivalent to the speed of a passenger jet. As a tsunami approaches a coastline, though, things begin to change dramatically.

Tsunami, catastrophic ocean wave, usually caused by a submarine earthquake, by a landslide, or by a volcanic eruption. Tsunamis may reach a maximum vertical height onshore above sea level, often called a run-up height, of tens of metres.

This means that the slope, or steepness of the wave is very small, so it is practically undetectable to the human eye. A tsunami, on the other hand, can have a wavelength of 120 miles or more.

Ein oder eine Tsunami (jap. Tsunamis go back as far as the earth's history. The largest reported offshore wave height was six metres near Cape Leveque from the …

A tsunami is a huge wave, usually caused by volcanic or earthquake activity under the ocean, which can eventually crash onto the shoreline.

In the deep ocean, a tsunami has a small amplitude (less than 1 metre) but very long wavelength (hundreds of kilometres). 津波, wörtlich ‚Hafenwelle‘), deutsch ehemals Erdbebenwoge genannt, ist eine Abfolge besonders langer Wasserwellen, die sich über sehr große Entfernungen auszubreiten vermögen und als solche eine Verschiebung von Wasser bzw.Meer in Folge einer Verdrängung darstellen. Water level has risen to more than 50 feet (15 meters) for tsunamis of distant origin and over 100 feet (30 meters) for tsunami waves generated near the epicenter*. In deep water it travels as fast as 800 km (500 miles) per hour, with enormous wavelengths of about 100 to 200 km (60 to 120 miles) but small … In fact, tsunamis even captured the attention of Thucydides, a historian from Ancient Greece, who theorized that the origin of tsunamis was related to … Traveling at up to 500 miles per hour in the deep ocean, a tsunami 's height might only be as little as 3 feet, making it almost impossible to detect, even for a ship in the area. The largest run-up resulted from the 2006 Java tsunami that was recorded at 7.9m AHD at Steep Point Western Australia. Several significant tsunami have impacted Australia's north west coast region. When the tsunami strikes as a wall of water, sea levels can rise many meters. How are tsunamis measured or observed? Tsunamis are different from regular waves in that they have a much greater wavelength. The first wave may not be the largest in the series. Tsunami is a Japanese word that means "harbor wave." It is a large wave caused by movements in Earth's outer layer, or crust, which move ocean water. The effects on a community can be devastating. For example, an earthquake or a volcano in the ocean could cause a tsunami.. Earth's crust is made up of pieces called tectonic plates.An earthquake happens when these plates push against each other so hard that one of them slips or breaks. For people living in oceanfront communities, the prospect of a tsunami is a frightening one. …

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