what happened to venera 4 when it attempted to land on venus?
Has a spacecraft ever landed on Venus? There were more than one spacecrafts that observed or attempted to observe Venus. Venera 7 (Russian: Венера-7, meaning Venus 7) was a Soviet spacecraft, part of the Venera series of probes to Venus.When it landed on the Venusian surface on 15 December 1970, it became the first spacecraft to soft land on another planet and first to transmit data from there back to Earth. But the most successful Venus landings were the Soviet Venera 13 and 14, which touched down on March 1st and March 5th, 1982. Venera 4 (Russian: Венера-4 meaning Venera 4), also designated 4V-1 No.310 was a probe in the Soviet Venera program for the exploration of Venus.The probe comprised an entry probe, designed to enter the Venus atmosphere and parachute to the surface, and a carrier/flyby spacecraft, which carried the entry probe to Venus and served as a communications relay for the entry probe. The first spacecraft to observe Venus was Venera 3. Yes, several landers from the former Soviet Union have landed on Venus. They were only able to send us information for a short time because the extremely high temperature and pressure on the surface of Venus melted and crushed the landers.

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