what does it mean when the moon is in your sign

As the sign that represents the repressed or hidden traits within us, the moon sign tells us who we secretly are. Your moon sign is determined by the position of the moon when you were born.

Your moon sign is the astrological sign that the moon was passing through at the moment of your birth.

The moon can help define your emotional development or express the unconscious side of your personality. The moon changes signs approximately every two and a half days so if the moon changed signs on the day you were born, it will be important to know about what time you were born so that you can accurately determine your moon sign. Your moon sign rules your emotional core — It’s your heart. Learning about your moon sign—and your lover's—is valuable for understanding your deeper nature and your compatibility in love. Astrologists say the sun sign shows what you want, and the moon reveals what you need. The zodiac sign that we are familiar with is … The moon's position when you were born can shed light on your inner self. Simply, your sun sign rules your personality — It’s your soul. Thus, in this article, we’ll discover what does your moon sign mean, and how you can find your moon sign! Your Moon is in the sign ruled by Venus giving you that sweet and sensual vibe. In astrology, your personality is defined by your Sun sign.

The sun sign dictates your zodiac personality, and is influenced by your day and month of birth.

It is easy to determine – just look at your date of birth.

Your sign may help you understand the bundle of unconscious baggage you seek to hide or deny. If your moon is in a fire sign and your sun is in an air sign: It gives your normally cool, calm, and collected demeanor a (literally) fiery edge when it comes to anything that leans toward a sensitive subject or a matter close to your heart. But the Moon circles the zodiac in a month and only stays in each zodiac sign for a little more than two days.

Your moon sign and rising sign give an in-depth look into what makes you tick. Unlike the sign before you; routines, stability and predictability is a big turn-on for you. It … And given that the moon moves to a different sign every few days, different signs can be affected in different ways. The Sun moves around the zodiac over the course of the year and stops in each zodiac sign for a month along the way.

They are determined by not just your birthday, but also the place you were born and the exact time of your birth. The moon's sign, house, and phase can tell you a lot about your emotional instincts and habits. The moon is often associated with the soul and emotions.

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