what caused the mexico earthquake 2017

World Vision has worked with churches and local government in the area and is responding there as well. As a result of the earthquake in Mexico, dozens of buildings destroyed, many destructions occurred in the capital and other regions of the country.

Local World Vision staff and community leaders estimate that between 150 and 200 homes were damaged or destroyed. John Vidale, seismologist and director of the Southern California Earthquake Center, elaborated on the phenomenon in an article for CNN. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the epicenter of the earthquake took place in Raboso, Mexico—about 75 miles south of the capital city. Crumpling from the downward bending of the sinking Cocos Plate deep within earth made Mexico shake, but the country's "earthquake early warning" appeared to … Almost nine million people live in Mexico City. This building in Tonala, Chiapas, Mexico, was destroyed in a magnitude 8.1 earthquake late Sept. 7. (©2017 World Vision) From the quake very severely affected the state of Morelos, the capital of Mexico Mexico, as well as the states of Pueblo, Mexico, and Guerrero, where there are victims.

Earthquakes are caused by the motion of these plates.

He explained that the Cocos Plate slides underneath the North American place along the …

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