what are mcr fans called

What are My Chemical Romance fans called? In their eyes everyone is equal. MCR is a band that truly cares about their fans and the band and are not just in it for money. See the full gallery: Every music fandom name you need to know. Trending on PopBuzz. 2 Comments. and the Daily Mail when in an article they wrote that MCR and their This article will provide some guidelines on how the band members of My Chemical Romance have intended their fans to handle certain situations and topics that the … But who wants fans if they are fake? Are You A True My Chemical Romance Fan? They believe no person should be death threated for their music, not the Beiber fans, not the Maroon 5 fans, not even the Kanye West fans. Take this quiz and you'll prove if you are an actal MCR Fan. My Chemical Romance's music and band members are huge influences on a wide range of people. 'Killjoys' 56 images.
Doja Cat's comment on Lana Del Rey's Instagram post leaves fans … So many people have recently claimed to be MCR Fans.
The group of My Chemical Romance fans is called the MCRmy (pronounced: M-C-army). Elite. They said in an interview that they wanted to spend at least 10 more years as a band. This is due a feud with My Chemical Romance. A combination of the bands initials and Army. Called by magazines and band members, MCRmy. Isn't it funny how a band can get so popular from one album. Are you a true blue mcr fan? Especailly after the release of the Black Parade.

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