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Wasteland 2 Wiki Guide. Since polls only go to 6, you can upvote my Melee and Energy Weapon comments! Wasteland Addict is a drug/disease overhaul. Injects/replaces code within the game to increases mods compatibility. This is a rundown of all features present in V9 of Wasteland Addict ... especially on mobile so I hardly ever read comments there. Possibly improve combat system and other things. View all games. Top Contributors: Jonathan Prosperi, Jared Petty, Chris + more. Also the mod description's character limit makes proper patch notes impossible. chevron_right. save hide report.

New chevron_right. I always save Ag Center since it's vital to progress in the wasteland, and there's dozens of ways to purify water so I'll probably have Rose as a backup medic Ambient Wasteland 2 doesn't work at all for Fallout New Vegas because it uses the same folder structure as Fallout 3, which is different from Fallout New Vegas. View all games. I pulled 2 points from awareness, 1 from strength, but also want to boost my charisma or my speed on the medic. -14% of max CON every 6 seconds. After the halfway point in Wasteland 2 the colors change to predominantly green. It's kinda annoying to have to save scum just to get the weapon mod … Is there another spot that has updated item codes? No Mutants Allowed is a gaming site dedicated to post nuclear role playing series - Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout Tactics. Trending chevron_right. Any merchant sell them? Hey y'all, finally got around to playing this game and have had an absolute blast with it. Members.
Online. Tips and Tricks. Wasteland 2 Removed from Microsoft Store "The process of removing the game and uploading a new fixed version means that once it’s available again—we’re estimating it’ll take a few weeks—it will need to be downloaded again in full, and no prior save games will work with the new version. 1.1 Bladed Weapons; 1.2 Blunt Weapons; 1.3 Brawling; 2 Energy Weapons; 3 Firearms. If you're looking for weapons from the original game, this article will help. videogame_asset My games. Where is Inxile at on the mod tools? The purpose is to make these weapons sufficiently effective to …

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Largest news database on … ", the developer wrote in a Reddit post . chevron_left. Log in Register. Wasteland - a floppy disk with a game that you can find in a computer in Darwin. Custom portrait images for use with custom characters in Wasteland 2.

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